Everything about Odoo 17 and Features to expect from the release.

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The official release of Odoo 17 is said to happen in November 2023 during the Odoo Experience event on 8-10 November 2023 in Belgium. In this blog post we would be discussing all about Odoo 17 and the new features that are expected in Odoo 17. We have tried to gather all the information that is available across Odoo's official source and knowledge circulating on social media to provide detailed information about Odoo 17.

New Features to Expect in Odoo 17.

Just like every year Odoo Experience event is expected to provide a brief on Odoo 17 newer features and expert knowledge on various modules.

Here are some of the new features of Odoo 17.

1. Fine-tuned, refined, and improved UI.

With Odoo 17 there is UI/UX refactoring there are some glimpses of these redesign from one of Odoo’s techno-functional experts. This redesign enhances user experience and improves overall productivity.

Dark Mode:

There is also one more addition to the UI which is the dark mode. Finally dark mode for people who are eagerly waiting for dark mode in Odoo. 

2. Search View is more advanced.


Custom Filters.

One of the most useful and much-needed features of Odoo 17 is going to be the advanced search feature. With the new Odoo 17 search features one can easily find specific records with the help of applying filters. With the new 17 release, one can add multiple filters with several rules to choose from.

With advanced search, there would be a boost in employee productivity and improved user experience with features like filters, Group by, and favorites.

3. Shortcuts to Access Odoo PWA faster.

Working with Odoo PWA (progressive Web Apps) will become a lot simpler with shortcuts on your smartphone. The Odoo 17 team did put their heads into understanding the needs of mobile users and created the much-required shortcuts.

4. Quick Selection of records using the keyboard.

Making selection/ unselecting records in Odoo 17 is made effortless. The new keyboard shortcut to select multiple records is Shift, there is also “Unselect all” button to deselect the selected records.

5. Reminder for documents waiting to get signed.

With Odoo 17, users can stay on top of documents that are awaiting the required signature with the help of automated reminders in the sign module. 

6. Easy quotation creation and customization in real-time.

In Odoo 17 one can easily create quotations and customize them while visiting a customer. Catalog view will allow users to choose products, add/subtract quantities, and modify sales orders in real-time.

7. Self-service ordering and convenient mobile payment.

Now Odoo 17 users can use their phones or tablets for self-service ordering, customers can be themselves place orders by scanning QR code and make payments conveniently.

8. Preparation display in Kitchen Screen.

Odoo 17 has introduced a Kitched display for POS, it has real-time feeds without reloading, a touchscreen interface, custom stages, and quick filters for enhanced order management.

One can easily create multiple screens and categories for specific tasks. Best part is that it works on any screen.

9. Employees are easily able to visualize the company hierarchy structure   

Odoo 17 has introduced a department organization chart that improved employee organization structure viewing, promoted clear understanding and cooperation among employees.

10. Freeze rows

This feature of Odoo 17 helps users to lock headers of columns in place making it easy to view the heading while scrolling large amounts of data.

11. Dragable Pop-ups.

The introduction of Dragable pop-ups in Odoo 17 allows users to easily move and reposition pop-up windows as per their preferences and needs.

12. New app for To-Do.

Introduction of new to-do module in Odoo 17 helps to improve task monitoring and delivery.

13. Separate menu type for every operation category.

Now in Odoo 17, one can access all different operation types under inventory, operations earlier there was only “transfer” under operations

14. Lunch order and POS restaurant & bar status.


15. Searching articles

Search articles directly to seek help form existing documents.

16. Print resumes in the Employee module.

One can easily generate and print employee resume directly within the Odoo platform.

17. Spreadsheet is now more collaborative with Share Snapshot viewer.


In Odoo 17, users would be able to easily collaborate with others and give access to specific reports for better collaboration and insights.


Through this blog we have tried to cover all the major Odoo 17 new features which are expected from the release of Odoo 17. With the upcoming days more interesting features of Odoo 17 will be revealed.

Stay tuned to know about which all features made it to the official release of Odoo 17. In case of any help/ services regarding Community/ Enterprise edition of Odoo contact us we are just a chat/ call away.

Frequently Asked Questions on Odoo 17.

Odoo 17 is the latest version of the popular open-source business management software suite Odoo. It offers a range of integrated applications for various business functions, including CRM, sales, inventory, accounting, human resources, and more. Odoo 17 aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive ERP platform to streamline and automate their processes.

2. What are the key features of Odoo 17?

Odoo 17 introduces several new features and improvements, including enhanced user interfaces, a revamped website builder, improved e-commerce capabilities, advanced reporting and analytics, a more intuitive dashboard, and increased customization options. Additionally, Odoo 17 focuses on performance optimization and scalability to ensure smoother operations for growing businesses.

While upgrading to Odoo 17 can bring you the latest features and improvements, it's important to evaluate whether these new functionalities align with your business needs. If your current version of Odoo is serving your requirements effectively, you may not need an immediate upgrade. However, staying updated with the latest version can ensure you benefit from security patches and bug fixes.

Migrating your data from an older version of Odoo to Odoo 17 involves a structured process. You'll need to perform a database backup, install Odoo 17 on your server, and then use the built-in migration tools to transfer your data. It's recommended to seek the assistance of experienced Odoo developers or consultants to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

Yes, Odoo 17 offers a high degree of customization. You can modify existing modules or create new ones to tailor the software to your specific needs. The Odoo development framework allows you to customize the user interface, workflows, reports, and more. However, extensive customizations may require technical expertise to ensure compatibility with future updates.

Odoo 17's website builder includes SEO-friendly features to help improve your website's search engine visibility. You can set meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for pages, optimize images for faster loading times, create SEO-friendly URLs, and integrate with Google Analytics for tracking website performance. Additionally, you can use responsive design features to enhance user experience on various devices, which indirectly impacts SEO.

Yes, Odoo 17 is suitable for e-commerce businesses. It offers an improved e-commerce module with features such as customizable product pages, advanced product variants, cart abandonment recovery, integrated payment gateways, and more. The enhanced website builder also enables you to create appealing and user-friendly online stores. However, it's advisable to assess your specific e-commerce requirements before choosing Odoo 17 as your platform.

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