E-invoicing (electronic invoicing) Software Solution.

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Benefits of e-invoicing :

  • Increased Data security.
  • Saves various costs such as paper, printing, and mailing.
  • Real-time invoice tracking.
  • The e-way bill is easily created.
  • Higher accuracy Reduced chances of fraud, and wrong data entry.
  • Interoperability of invoices becomes easy.

Get ready to replace your legacy data entry system with an e-invoicing system.

Due to the substantial cost savings, speed, and enhanced security, an ever-growing number of businesses, regardless of their size, are transitioning their accounts payable processes to electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) solutions.

Odoo invoicing software helps businesses reduce the time, effort, and workload of their AP team by increasing productivity, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Key Benefits of e-Invoicing

Reduction in processing costs

E-invoicing reduces errors, slowdowns, and penalties while taking various advantage of an effective invoicing system.

Automation in Process

Improved speed, flexibility, and clarity with workflows that can on its own identify data and initiate the next steps and disseminate information.

Simplify tax audits

Provides easy access to all key tax-related data for internal and external auditors.

How TechUltra Solutions with Odoo Invoicing can help

1. How TechUltra Solutions with Odoo Invoicing can help

No more manual handling of papers or PDF invoices switch to more efficient and automated invoice handling.

  • Save on different types of invoicing costs such as printing, invoice handling, research and consultancy fees.
  • Cut back on data entry errors made by manual/ human entries.
  • With e-invoices speed up the order to encash and purchase to payment processes.

2. Futureproof your compliance

Not complying with e-invoicing regulations can lead to fines and audits. Simplify e-invoicing compliance with the Odoo invoicing module and limit the risks for your business.

  • Tax reporting and e-invoice exchanges for multiple countries.
  • Get updates to help businesses maintain e-invoicing compliance in the future.
  • Grow smoothly and effortlessly overseas without any e-invoicing regulations holding back.

3. Enhanced IT setup:

A business getting access to live reporting and seamless integration with a 3rd party system can be a game changer

  • Get your AP and AR processes online with Odoo invoicing.
  • Automate your invoicing process to the most with minimum interruption.
  • With e-invoicing portal and e-archiving function designed to follow applicable local standards.


Types of e-Invoices

Sales invoicing

Pro forma invoicing

Past due invoicing

Credit memo 

Debit memo  

Mixed invoice

Commercial invoice

Timesheet invoice

Intermin invoice  

Final invoice   

Recurring invoice   

Electronic invoicing software Business impact

1. Increase in Cashflow

With the help of Odoo invoicing businesses are able to cut costs by not following and waiting for lengthy processes and manual point of contact.

3. Better integration

Invoicing process involves various points of contact inside and outside the organization, with better integration there would be improved flexibility and visibility.

2. Invoice process automation

As many countries are mandating the use of e-invoicing, various businesses that still rely on paper-based invoice processes will be left behind.

4. Better tax audit

When a Tax audit hits, businesses are required to supply the relevant information quickly, and searching through massive files and resources is not an easy job. invoicing can help in making the job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions on E-invoicing

E-invoicing is a digital approach to the billing process. Here invoices are generated, managed sent, and received online.

E-invoicing software allows businesses to create and send invoices digitally via email in place of printing and mailing a customer copy. Most e-invoicing systems can integrate with other systems such as inventory or sales.

There are various factors upon which it depends such as size, industry, customer base and other factors. It is important to check that the invoicing system offers all the required functions and future scalability.

E-invoicing helps to save costs by speeding up the payment process. It allows organizations to benefit from early payment discounts, lesser errors, and automating of manual processes.

You are just a call away from unlocking cost savings and business efficiencies.

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