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Kinds of Applications that can be developed using Odoo.

Kinds of Applications that can be developed using Odoo.

  1. CRM
  2. eCommerce
  3. Accounting 
  4. Stock Management
  5. Point of sale
  6. Project Management and much more.​

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Exceptional Features of Odoo.

  • Tailored app for Various Industries
  • Easy to Start and Maintain.
  • Open-Source and Easy Customization
  • Seamless Integration with External Apps.
  • Accessible on any Device.
  • Integrated view of all Departments.

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Why TechUltra Solutions?

Why TechUltra Solutions?

  • Strict NDA and contract
  • No 3rd party outsourcing for Designing, Deployment, or Support related services.
  • Affordable to all Types of organizations Small, Medium, or Large Organizations.
  • No Odoo Module hacking. 
  • Faster and more effective turnover time.
  • Seasoned developers who possess hands-on experience.
  • IPR (you own property rights, we do not resell or reuse the codes).
  • Hands-on experience in UK and US Finance, Accounting, and eCommerce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Odoo

Odoo is an open-source program and there is no need to pay for it. The opensource version is not modifiable. One can have full access to the latest version through Odoo website, GitHub, and other repositories.

To become a partner, a business needs to become a Certified Odoo Partner. Partner commitment includes being Available for periodic meetings, becoming 1st level support for clients, Promote Odoo Enterprise in their region.

Odoo has many business apps such as: 

  • CRM. 
  • eCommerce.
  • Accounting.
  • Inventory. 
  • Point of Sale. 
  • Project Management.

Pricing plans in Odoo: 

Odoo Community version- free 

Enterprise Edition - $20 - $25/User/monthly billed Monthly or Annually. Apps can be added to fulfill custom needs.

SAP is more suitable for large companies whereas Odoo is suitable for all types of companies Small medium or large. Odoo is modular and flexible that can be adapted to all business requirements.

Toyota, Delmonte, World Wide Fund, Kasetsart University, Bazile Telecom, and many more.

There are various apps that are free to use such as Odoo Account, HRMS, Database, Financing, Whatsapp integration, and e-Invocing.

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