Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation can either make or break the path of your business success depending on how the implementation has been done and who has done it. As this is a very crucial process, you really need experts to provide you solutions on successful Odoo Implementation. 

We at TechUltra Solutions have certified Odoo developers. We leverage our highly skilled developers to ensure that the entire process of Odoo implementation remains smooth for our clients, without disturbing their business operations and executing a well-planned implementation.

We provide Odoo implementation with the documentation and guideline provided by Odoo itself

Odoo Implementation Packages


  • Installation Setup
  • Configration
  • Data Migration
  • Training
  • Consultation
  • Periodically DB Backup
  • Duration
  • Module Installation
  • SSL / Domain
  • Mail Server
  • Email Setup / Group
  • Discount


  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 4 Hrs
  • 1Day
  • (*)


  • Up to 10 users
  • 1 Day
  • -
  • 8 Hrs
  • 5 Days
  • (*)


  • 25 users
  • 3 Days
  • Training and XLS
  • 20 Hrs
  • 1 Week
  • (*)


  • 50+ users
  • 7 Days
  • 100%
  • 40 Hrs
  • 2 Week
  • (*)

* Additional discounts on the OdooSH and Enterprise Solution.

Odoo Implementation Company

TechUltra Solutions is one of the best Odoo Implementation service providers across the globe. Being a Gold partner, we offer a standardized approach for  end to end Odoo ERP implementation that works strategically and efficiently to get the desired results for our clients.

We also provide an Odoo implementation guide to our clients for helping them understand the implementation process done by us.

Our Odoo solutions fit the need for enterprise solutions which can transform your business operation services to meet your needs. Our solution redefines scalability, flexibility, and user experience.

Our aim is to make our clients happy and satisfied. 

Hire our ERP developers and watch your company grow better.

Odoo Implementation Company
Odoo Implementation Service Provider

Odoo Implementation Service Provider

TechUltra Solutions develop a rich, user-friendly application for the business environment in order to enhance performance and productivity.

Our pricing is affordable and well-curated which does not burden your budget and intention for investing in the implementation.

We have done many projects covering all the major industries like trading, manufacturing, eCommerce, accounts, finance etc. We are committed to our standards in upholding customer satisfaction as our priority. This gives us non-stop energy to deliver the best results to our clients.

Odoo Implementation Key Features

Advanced Optimization

ERP Solutions with a full potential solution with Odoo ERP benefits

Secured Implementation

To reduce the risk of cyber attacks we ensure that only authorized users can access or read your data

Customize Odoo Reports

Odoo’s energetic reporting system provides reports in PDFs, Excel/CSVs

Stable Operation

After the Implementation or Migration, we also help you with errors and bugs for your system

Low-Cost Implementation

It's an Open Source solution so you don't need to pay the license fee

Odoo Implementation Process

Stage 1
Defining Business Goals:

The first stage of ERP implementation will be to have accurate and clear Business goals. This will help us in providing you with well-curated and suitable business solutions. As we are experienced in different business verticals, we will also suggest and assist you in your business goals.

Stage 2
Budget Allocation:

This stage will include budgeting where the client will allocate a particular budget for the ERP implementation process and based on the budget we will suggest you with a suitable package.

Stage 3
Business information & Requirement gathering:

Once the budget is finalized, we will start gathering information on business requirements.

Stage 4
Defining Implementation Phases:

Post information gathering, we will provide you with a road-map on different stages of the implementation process which will also help in tracking the progress of the project.

Stage 5
Selecting the Best Hosting Plan:

In this stage, we will suggest the best hosting plans which suit best to your ERP implementation.

Stage 6
 Installation and Configuration:

Once the Hosting plan is selected, we will start the process of installation of modules and configuration of each module with access and security rights.

Stage 7
Data Migration:

In this stage, your old data will be migrated to the new ERP solution. We will help you to create the required csv/xls files with templates for easy and quick migration process.

Stage 8

This stage will include testing of the entire ERP system for error detection in the system and security verification.

Stage 9

Will train the employees on module basis or process basis as per the implementation plan.

Stage 10

Will complete the UAT and after successful UAT(User acceptance testing), The system will be live for the usage.

Stage 11
Support and Maintenance:

We will provide you with the support and maintenance for the period of 3-6 months based on the selected plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose TechUltra for odoo implementation?

TechUltra is an Odoo Gold Partner. We are vetted professionals with over 6+ Years experience in best Oddo development and Implementation.  Our experience in different business verticals give us an edge over our competitors. Our team of certified developers leave no stone unturned in addressing your complex business problems and we execute right strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Our top priority is to help our clients achieve their desired business goals and hence we focus on our clients satisfaction from start till the end of the project.

Technically Odoo implementation includes various stages from start till the deployment.  Therefore, it is advisable to work with Odoo partners who are not only well-experienced and well trained professionals but also are expert in executing the implementation using company standard methodologies. This helps you in understanding the entire implementation process easily without getting into unknown complications which can lead to deviation or time constraint issues. Furthermore, Odoo partners are experts in all industry domains and have access to Enterprise Edition source code thereby offering boundless Odoo services.

The price of Odoo implementation depends upon the modules selected under a package. Since the package can be custom-made, you can choose only the essential modules for your business which can lower the cost of your implementation. Moreover, as there are no license fees unlike other proprietary ERPs, this makes Odoo more budget friendly. Moreover with the advancement of Cloud technology, you can further lower your cost by choosing cloud implementation to avoid any additional infrastructure cost.

Odoo is more budget friendly than other ERPs which include license fees. Also, with Odoo there are limitless possibilities of customizations which can be implemented. Odoo has an exceptionally large number of different modules which can help you choose the right modules for your business to achieve the desired results.