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What is the meaning

of Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP system means enterprise resource planning software that is used company-wide for managing business processes. When various Odoo business apps when combined and integrated becomes a complete ERP solution.

What is Odoo Implementation?

Odoo Implementation is deployment of Odoo ERP or its individual modules into any company. Odoo Implementation can be done directly by Odoo, in-house by the company itself or with the help of Odoo partners.

Levels Of Odoo Implementation.


  • Installation Setup
  • Configration
  • Data Migration
  • Training
  • Consultation
  • Periodically DB Backup
  • Duration
  • Module Installation
  • SSL / Domain
  • Mail Server
  • Email Setup / Group
  • Discount

Starter (499$)

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 4 Hrs
  • 1Day
  • (*)

Silver (1999$)

  • 25 users
  • 3 Days
  • Training and XLS
  • 20 Hrs
  • 1 Week
  • (*)

Ready (1199$)

  • Up to 10 users
  • 1 Day
  • -
  • 8 Hrs
  • 5 Days
  • (*)

Gold (2799$)

  • 50+ users
  • 7 Days
  • 100%
  • 40 Hrs
  • 2 Week
  • (*)

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Odoo Features. 

Build Stunning Websites

Build Stunning Websites.

With the help of Odoo implementation variety of websites can be built such as eCommerce websites and applications, Blogging websites, and forum websites.

Increase Upperline

Increase Upperline.

Get staggering growth by Implementing Odoo modules such as, Odoo CRM, Odoo Sales modules, and Point of sale integration. Odoo Point of Sale integration helps one in facilitating seamless communication.

Better Operations Managment

Better Operations Management.

By opting to use Odoo ERP services for your operation management one can run operations better by having access to features like Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, and Purchase related modules.

Control over Finance

Control over Finance.

With the help of Odoo ERP implementation, one is able to get better control over the organization’s finance by making use of Accounting and invoicing modules.

Effective Manpower Utilization

Effective Manpower Utilization.

With the help of HR a module like Employee Management, an employer is able to manage almost every activity (such as Expenses, Appraisals, Recruitment, etc ) in a centralized ERP application.

Boost Marketing

Boost Marketing.

Automate the workflows and scale your business with the Odoo Marketing Module. Track the customer conversion journey and design the campaigns accordingly within a few minutes.

Odoo Implementation Key Features.

Advanced Optimization

Advanced Optimization

ERP Solutions with a full potential solution with
 Odoo ERP benefits

Customize Odoo Reports

Customize Odoo Reports

Odoo’s energetic reporting system provides reports in PDFs, Excel/CSVsStable Operation

Secured Implementation

Secured Implementation

To reduce the risk of cyber attacks we ensure that only authorized users can access or read your data

Stable Operation

Stable Operation

After the Implementation or Migration, we also help you with errors and bugs for your system

Low-Cost Implemnetation

Low-Cost Implementation

Odoo’s energetic reporting system provides reports in PDFs, Excel/CSVsStable Operation

Why Prefer TechUltra Solutions for Odoo ERP System Implementation?

Why prefer TechUltra Solutions for Odoo ERP Implementation?

Odoo ERP Implementation Partners.

Odoo Gold Partner is the highest level of partnership with Odoo and due to this reason, TechUltra Solution an Odoo Gold Partner is able to provide extraordinary Odoo-related services to their clients, especially in USA, UK, India, Lima, and South Africa.

TechUltra Solutions possess years of experience and follows best practices of Odoo Implementation methodology in building Odoo Modules correctly. We try to create a turnkey project for our clients without making many changes to the Odoo Core structure. This makes our client’s work easy in updating to latest Odoo version with the help of an Odoo Partner.

We have delivered quality codes with more than 91% customer success ratio. TechUltra Solutions is among the top Odoo Implementation Service providers in USA, UK, Dubai, India and world-wide with clients in various industries. We are experts in Odoo implementation, Development, Integration, Training, Consulting, Migration, and Support.

We possess a team of seasoned developers to make sure that any of our clients do not need to rely on any other provider for their development needs such as ERP Development, Mobile Solutions, eCommerce Development, Cloud Services, Enterprise Solutions, or Product Development and Maintenance Services.

Odoo Implementation Services from TechUltra Solutions.

TechUltra Solutions the Best Odoo ERP Implementation Company.

What makes TechUltra Solutions the Best Odoo ERP Implementation Company?

We have been implementing Odoo for more than 6 years by focusing on business needs in various sectors like Tech, Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Financial Services.

  • Strict NDA and contract
  • No 3rd party outsourcing for Designing, Deployment, or Support related services.
  • Affordable to all Types of organizations Small, Medium, or Large Organizations.
  • No Odoo Module hacking.
  • Faster and more effective turnover time.
  • Seasoned developers who possess hands-on experience.
  • IPR (you own property rights, we do not resell or reuse the codes).
  • Hands-on experience in UK and US Finance, Accounting, and eCommerce.
  • Follows best practices and world-class Odoo implementation methodology.
  • One stop ERP partners.
Best Odoo ERP Implementation Compnay

Odoo Implementation Methodology

Through this Odoo implementation methodology video we try to provide an overview of what is a successful Odoo implementation, why to create an implementation methodology, standards for success, how to measure customer satisfaction, principles to follow, and delivery.

Hire Best Odoo Implementation Experts

Customize your application according to your needs

​Factors Affecting Odoo Implementation Costs.

1.Odoo customization costs for Odoo modules and Applications:

With Odoo Enterprise Edition one does not need to pay separately for modules or applications. Customers only need to pay for customizations that are made to specific modules or applications.

2.Cost of Server:

(Odoo hosted or 3rd party) Another factor affecting the cost of implementation is the type of server, the server cost is depended upon the number of employees. Larger the number of users server costs also go up.

3.Maintenance Cost:

We provide support and maintenance services to our clients for smooth functioning of ERP system.

4.Product and License costs:

The cost of product and license of Odoo implementation depends upon the Odoo version of Odoo enterprise or Community edition. We as Odoo Gold Partners are able to get our customer discount on licensing costs.

Industries We have Served with Odoo.

Manufacturers, Trading, Retailer, Wholesaler, E-commerce, Construction Procurement or accounting. We have clients in almost all industries and experts in all field to suite your development needs.

Types of Odoo ERP implementation Strategies

Big Bang ERP Implementation

Includes moving to a brand new ERP system in a single step. Business gets benefits from automation and efficiencies of new ERP system. For the success of Big Bang ERP implementation all the testing and training has to be done earlier than the live date.

It is a high risk situation to select so it is recommend to develop a backup plan to reduce impact of system crash. Usually recommend for businesses who want to use Odoo ERP for a few functional areas.

Phased Rollout

Phased Rollout Implementation is a safe and expensive approach to ERP implementation. It takes several weeks or months as it is based on a range of components such as enterprise department or location. As the time taken for Implementation is longer the failure risk is lower. There would be more optimization in terms of usability and adoption along with this users would have enough time to adopt the new system.

Parallel Adoption

In parallel adoption system the company makes use of new system along with its legacy system which means company can revert back to the old system if anything goes wrong in the new ERP system/platform. The data must be entered simultaneously thus growing the risk of duplication. It is considered to be lowest-risk taking technique for Odoo ERP Implementation.

Hybrid Approach

Hybrid Approach is a combination of all the 3 approaches, some ERP modules are rolled quickly using the big bang ERP implementation approach and then relying upon phased approach for the remaining rollouts. For some of the critical processes, a parallel adoption approach is required to be followed.

Odoo Implementation Process.


Understanding Business Goals:

We try to gather information about your business and the needs which can be addressed by Odoo Implementation.



We take note of existing software, workflow, or spreadsheet.


Requirement Gathering and Analysis:

We gather information on business requirements and group the data together.


Recommend the process:

We try to analyze the situation and provide our clients with suitable recommendations for implementing Odoo.


Budget Allocation/ Discussion:

We try to estimate the total cost which would be involved for the project Implementation process.



During this implementation stage, we try to provide updates on your project development stage through a suitable medium.



We train your staff members on the newly developed application working and general best practices.


Q/A testing:

We test the developed Odoo application for any kind of bugs or related issues a user might face.


Beta Test:

This is an optional stage for some cases whereby we do beta testing by parallel running of current software


Go live:

The last step is to Go live along with this we provide ongoing support and maintenance services.

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Odoo implementation FAQ.

The cost of Odoo implementation usually varies according to the size of the company, modules required, customization needs, support plan opted for, and level of training and consultation of your business needs.

Firstly Odoo is an open-source ERP system that is modular meaning it consists of various modules. There is no need to pay for modules that are not required.

Odoo enterprise licensing is a more affordable option for Small, medium, or large corporations when compared to other systems like SAP, .Net and others. Having complete control over codebase reduces the cost of maintenance.

As an Odoo Gold Partner TechUltra Solutions will help you throughout the development and implementation process. We try to provide the best possible Odoo applications or services within the certified budget.

As Odoo is an open-source ERP system when compared to other systems does not provide freedom to customize its systems, Odoo gives full access to the codebase during Odoo implementation.

Along with this while using Odoo, there is an option to choose the default hosting of Odoo or choose from private cloud service providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and many others, some clients even prefer to have their own on-site server. As a dedicated Odoo implementation partner, we manage the server/s for you.

It totally depends on employee headcount, modules required, number of people trained, and customization needs required. It takes roughly 3 months for a medium-sized project and 6-12 months for a larger project.

TechUltra is an Odoo Gold Partner. We have vetted professionals with over 9+ Years of experience in Odoo development and Implementation. We have expertise in different business verticals and industries which gives us an edge over our competitors.

Our team of certified developers try to address all your complex business problems and execute the right strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

Our top priority is to help our clients achieve their desired business goals and hence we focus on our client’s satisfaction the most.

Technically Odoo implementation includes various stages from start to the deployment. Therefore, it is advisable to work with Odoo partners who are not only well-experienced and well-trained professionals but also experts in executing the implementation using company standard operating methodologies (SOPs).

Odoo partners are not only experts but well equipped to handle any problem that arises during the development stages and having access to Enterprise Edition source code is an added advantage for offering Unbound Odoo Development Services.

The price of Odoo implementation depends upon the modules selected, since the package can be custom-made, you can choose only the essential modules for your business which can lower the cost of your implementation. Moreover, as there are no license fees unlike other proprietary ERPs, it makes Odoo more budget-friendly. Moreover, with the advancement of Cloud technology, you can further lower your cost by choosing cloud implementation to avoid any additional infrastructure costs.

Following are the reasons for choosing Odoo ERP for your business:

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lower license fees.
  • Limitless customization.
  • Various modules.
  • Selection of individual modules according to business needs.

Do you provide Odoo Implementation Services? Yes, we provide Odoo Implementation services in USA, UK, Peru, India, Dubai, South Africa or World-Wide.

Yes, we provide Odoo Implementation services in  USA, UK, Peru, India, Dubai, South Africa or  World-Wide.

TechUltra Solutions is a well known (Odoo Gold Partner) and established Odoo Implementation partner. We focus on providing turnkey and end-to-end solutions for businesses in various sectors. 

10. What important features make TechUltra Solutions the best Odoo Implementation partners?

The following features make TechUltra Solutions the best Odoo Implementation Partners:

1. Seasoned developers for optimized implementation services.

2. Years of experience and expertise in various industries.

3. Reduced risk due to better testing and configuration.

4. Better customization according to business needs.

5. Minimum downtime and faster project completion.

6. On-going support in terms of Upgrades and newer Odoo versions. 

Odoo Implementation service is the implementation of Odoo modules and Odoo apps (Odoo was previously known as Open ERP and Tiny ERP). Odoo ERP is a suite of open-source business applications/ enterprise management applications.

Odoo is the best ERP software for businesses who want customized ERP solution according to their specific business requirements. It is flexible as its source code is customizable. Any company can use Odoo and add their own features for improving functionality.

Yes, TechUltra Solutions provide Odoo Implementation services in various areas of the world such as the  USA, UK, Peru, India, Dubai, South Africa, and World-Wide.

Odoo implementation checklist is a list of tasks or steps that need to be followed to successfully implement Odoo ERP software for your business need. Odoo's implementation process involves various phases, such as planning, analysis, configuration, customization, testing, training, and deployment. Each phase may require different data, information, resources, and activities to complete.

Some common items that can be included in a general Odoo implementation checklist are:

  • Strong team for executing the Odoo implementation project 
  • Documentation of existing business processes and common problems.
  • Defining requirements and functionalities required in the application.
  • Setting an appropriate timeline and budget for the project
  • Choosing a suitable Odoo edition (CE or EE), version, and deployment (on-premise or cloud). 
  • Configuring Odoo settings, such as country, time zone, currency, fiscal year, closing period, users, access rights, etc.
  • Odoo module customisation according to specific business needs and preferences
  • Developing any custom modules or integrations
  • Importing the existing data into Odoo using CSV files or APIs.
  • Testing to check functionality, performance, usability, security, and compatibility issues.
  • Training the end-users to use Odoo effectively and efficiently.
  • Deploying the Odoo application, ensuring a smooth transition from old to new system. 

The cost of Odoo implementation depends upon software licensing, hosting, number of modules, and the total number of users. The cost usually varies from 1,000 USD to 50,000 USD.

One can reduce the cost of implementation by only adding the essential modules that are required. Lesser modules, lower the cost. Odoo Online is the most affordable as no additional infrastructure is required.

Yes, Odoo is an open-source ERP system that can cover all business needs such as CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, POS, project management, and much more. Odoo apps can be combined to form a complete ERP system.

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