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Hire the best rated Odoo Developer Wide range of experience in Odoo website and technical skills Time monitoring and daily update of tasks

Why Hire Our Odoo Developer?

TechUltra Solutions has skill in giving different administrations to Odoo which incorporates Support, Training, Migrations and Implementation.

Yes, that’s exactly what our techno-troop of 35+ ingenious Odoo Developers do every day! 'We know the secret of your Success' They wake-up, sip a cup of coffee, do the Odoo warm-up, have breakfast, start their day Odoo-ing, drink a cup of tea or two, play some pranks around, get back to Odoo-ing, drive back home, scroll through other Odoo’s updates and dive into a deep sleep - so that they can wake up fresh next morning and start Odoo-ing, yet again!

By the way, did we tell you that we’ve been following the same routine of Odoo-ing since 2016 and haven’t found it mundane yet? On the contrary, like every new Odoo update, it just gets better with time. And let us share a small fact validating our love for Odoo.

Why Hire Our Odoo Developer?


At TechUltra Solutions, we ‘add’ value to the ‘web’ world with our experience and expertise over Odoo Web Development solution and an extensive range of other such web solutions. Explore more about our Odoo Development services and Get in touch today!

Our Offers

Starter Package

70 Hrs  

  • 70 Hrs of development
  • Without a contract
  • 2-3 Years Experience
  • No time tracking

Enterprise Package

100 Hrs  

  • 100 Hrs of development
  • Contract with terms
  • 3-5 Years Experience
  • Time Tracking

Ultimate Package

160 Hrs  

  • 160 Hrs / Month
  • Open for contract
  • 4+ Years of experience
  • Time tracking and task-based tracking