Odoo Development Services

Get a consolidated and integrated view of core business processes using Odoo ERP Solution.

Odoo ERP Developers at TechUltra Solutions have more than 9 years of experience in Odoo customization, implementation, and development of Odoo solutions according to business specifications.

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What is an Odoo Developer

  • An Odoo developer can be described as an individual whose roles revolve around creating, building, and customizing web applications or features using Odoo ERP Software.
  • These developers have in-depth knowledge and expertise in programming concepts and in Odoo development concepts and services.
  • The needs of Odoo Development projects are usually met by Odoo developers by closely working on Odoo apps and software.
  • Developers customize and fine-tune Odoo by creating custom fields, new modules or features with the help of programming languages.
  • Differentiating factor between Odoo Consultants and Odoo developers is that developers have knowledge in developing for different industries and Consultants deal with more complex business-based issues.

Is There a Need for Odoo Consultants?

Odoo developers can work on their own but with the help of Odoo Consultant, developers are made to follow the best practices which are involved in the Odoo development process.

Consultants often delegate complex tasks to developers and try to address challenges that arise in the implementation process as a whole.

At TechUltra Solutions, we try to provide a dedicated Odoo Consultant who is aware of technical knowledge and complex problems that may arise and work closely with developers to mitigate small errors that may arise during the development stage.

Odoo ERP Development

An open-source ERP system refers to an Enterprise Resource Planning system/software whose source code is publicly accessible.

The requirement of each and every business is unique and needs customization according to the business needs. We at Techultra Solutions are able to develop an ERP system dedicated to your needs, add modules or plugins and Add-ons.

With the help of a common database, the ERP solution is able to provide an integrated view of core business processes. All the resources of a business like Accounting, Finance Management, Sales and Purchases, Finished Goods, and more production capacity can all be tracked using the Odoo ERP system.

ERP Development Services

Odoo Web development

Expand your business reach by providing it an online space on the web. We develop tailor-made and highly interactive web solutions using Odoo. Rich features and customized workflows can act as an added feature.

Odoo Installation

With TechUltra Solutions there is no need to worry about managing servers or Odd version management. Our team takes care of installing and setting up Odoo on any cloud or local server.

Odoo Theme Development

With the help of themes in Odoo the website or mobile application can be given a consistent look and feel. As Odoo is also highly flexible modification with the help of Odoo developers is a simple task.

Odoo App/ Module Development

As Odoo is highly customizable, modules can be easily integrated into existing workflows. There is also a possibility of getting only the required modules developed and reducing the overall cost of implementation.

What makes Odoo different?

Publicly Accessible

Odoo is an open-source platform whose source code is available to anyone. This open-source process provides room for ongoing improvements and evolution.

Productivity Improves

With the help of Odoo ERP businesses are able to manage Accounting, Financing, CRM, and eCommerce development in a consolidated manner.

Business Upliftment

Odoo ERP development services allow businesses to track their performance in-depth and error-free. Also helps to control and evaluate future growth prospects.


Odoo is an open-source platform and the source code is accessible publicly to everyone. Open-development process allows businesses to grow and improve continuously.

Why Odoo ERP? What makes it different?

Modern Techstack

Upgrading to the latest tech stack helps a business reduce overall costs and improve work efficiency.

Ease of use

Odoo has a gentle learning curve, it has an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed anywhere, using any device anywhere.


As Odoo is an ERP solution for corporations it is very adaptable, powerful, and efficient.


Odoo offers a superb solution for businesses in various industries like Healthcare, IT, Retail, Oil Energy Gas, Financial services, and many more.

Features that an ERP solution can provide

  • → Tracking

    Odoo ERP helps you to track different departments within the organization like Sales, Production, Inventory, Customer Management, and much more.

  • → Accounting/ Billing

    With the help of Odoo organizations can automate the process of invoice generation and acknowledgment within the internal working of the organization.

  • → Scalability

    Odoo provides businesses the flexibility to start with the required modules and add more modules as and when required.

  • → Customer Support

    Odoo has an excellent customer support service function which includes features for logging customers' calls, keeping track of customer details, online helpdesk, and much more.

  • → Order management

    Store and track all the data related to current sales, pending orders, and sales history all these things are readily available.

What makes Techulra Solutions a perfect fit for 

your Odoo development Project?

Easy Customization Options

Odoo ERP system is not only scalable it also offers a wide range of customization options to choose from. Hiring an Odoo Gold Partner can act as an added advantage.

On-time delivery

With our professional techno-functional experts get your project developed within the stipulated time frame with minimum to no errors.

Seasoned Development team

Our team is well-versed in the development process along with this, Odoo Consultants are an added advantage for Odoo Development Services.

End-to-end Development Services

We are an all-in-one solution for all of your Odoo-related services ranging from Odoo Development, Customization, Implementation, Integration, Migration, and support.

Odoo Development Process



Website Development
E-commerce Development



Full backend with all the modules in the system development of new modules

Web Development

Web Development

Points Of Sale
Backend Theme
Backend Customization

Odoo Development Services

Odoo Development Services​  

We are an Odoo development company offering the best Odoo development services to businesses all over the world.

Odoo is a free Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can help create feature-rich modules for enterprises. It is an effective addition to a company’s digital space.

With ever-growing technological advancements, your business needs regular technical up-gradations to surpass your competition. Our developers make sure to avail you of the latest advancements and best practices.

We focus on your growth where you get an improved Return on Investment(ROI) on your enterprise budget by getting specific ERP services. 

Our aim is to deliver a game-changing Odoo development and Implementation Services which meets your business needs in every sense. Post receiving your requirements, our team puts every ounce of their skillset in curating best possible ideas to make a great and efficient deliverable product. We understand you need the best possible results at the least possible investments to quickly attain optimum ROI, we make sure that we provide the best possible solutions to you keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness as it can be for you. We suggest only those modules which are really required for your business rather than providing you with unnecessary modules which may put a burden on your investment.

We are a full-service enterprise that combines its creative chops with trusted business sense and serving your needs for Odoo development. We leverage deep Odoo development capabilities in building and deploying highly innovative, scalable solutions for SMEs and MSMEs

So without a second though Hire our ERP developers and watch your company grow better. 

‘For the best service delivery, you need to have the best people for the Job.’​

Odoo ERP Development Service

Odoo ERP Development Service

Odoo development - is the fastest growing Open Source business solution in the world. It allows you to make better decisions through its flexible and fully customizable solution. Odoo integrates your different business functions into a single system, automating information sharing between business units such as sales, purchase, stock etc.

At TechUltra Solutions, Odoo is one of the core technologies and we love developing stuff for the platform.

 TechUltra Solutions gets you easy access to experts who can build your Odoo software and drive the growth of your business. 

Starting from implementation, customization, development, data migration, production, training and support. We take care of it all. Whether it is Odoo CMS development, Odoo Web development services, TechUltra Solutions can handle all your requirements.

We offer customized Odoo development services as per the client's requirements. Our Odoo developers are well aware of all the techniques required to handle Odoo Project.

WHy Select Us As Your Odoo Development Partner?

Why select us as your Odoo Development Partner?

Our experience on Odoo development goes back to the days when Odoo was having version 5. Time and again, we have upgraded ourselves to meet the customer development needs with the latest versions whenever Odoo releases the new version in the market.

We are always ready with the latest version because we have already build a strong training methodology for our employees. Therefore, with our experienced employees, we are always ready to accept any challenges in Odoo Development and history has proved our success in this field through positive customer feedback.

We always try to focus on reducing manual communication in order to save our client’s time in frequently communicating for any issues or updates from their side during the development process because we always keep the development easily available and the same can be reviewed by the clients on the demo server as well as the repositories. However, we are always open to communication and support our clients whenever it is needed.


TechUltra Solutions was founded back in August 2016 to start an association that every company around the world can relate to, No matter it is a Multinational Firm or a Small scale Enterprise.

TechUltra Solutions have a gigantic experience working in OpenERP/Odoo. We have been in the field since the year 2016 and with vital experience 4+ years, We are having more than 10 years of the overall experience, Our leaders are active in Odoo since version 5.0 while it was OpenERP. We have been working as a team & a role model for the natives.

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TechUltra Solutions was founded back in August 2016 to start an association that every company around the world can relate to, No matter it is a Multinational Firm or a Small scale Enterprise.

TechUltra Solutions have a gigantic experience working in OpenERP/Odoo. We have been in the field since the year 2016 and with vital experience 4+ years, We are having more than 10 years of the overall experience, Our leaders are active in Odoo since version 5.0 while it was OpenERP. We have been working as a team & a role model for the natives.

Odoo Official Partners
What Programming language is Odoo using

Odoo is using Python as its primary programming language. Like Odoo Python is also open-source and runs on all major OS. It is even easy to find the required resources to get started.

Odoo Developer is an individual who builds and customizes applications or features within the Odoo ERP system. Our developers have years of experience and background in programming

Odoo is the easiest all-in-one management software according to the Odoo forum.

As Odoo is open source it is free to use. The community version of Odoo is free and accessible by anyone but, the Enterprise edition of Odoo involves licensing fees.

Yes one can host the server on cloud or on-premsie, it depends on the need of clients.

If the business in growing stage and requires some processes to be automated, it is time for getting an Odoo implementation with our Odoo ERP Development services.

There are various benefits of outsourcing Odoo Development like: 

  • Having access to skilled/ Seasoned odoo Developers.
  • Effective and cost efficient development team and Odoo Constants.
  • Saving resources, time and money on hiring a dedicated team.
  • Get special priority and on-time delivery.
  • Creating a competitive edge over.

Development in Odoo is complicated and that’s the reason why it is recommend to hire a Odoo Development Comany for development needs. Key factors deciding success of a project are trained and professional developers who can implement best practices duing the development stage.

At TechUltra Solutions we have skilled professionals avalible around the clock. Our dedicated development team tries to stay upto date with market trends. Consult with us to get the finest services.

We have developed and delivered Odoo development services to various industries and business verticals like Food & Beverage, production, manufacturing, fashion, Oil Gas and Energy, Financial Servcies, Healthcare.

Awards and Recognition

Odoo 11 Certificate
Startup India
Odoo 14 Functional Certificate
Advanced Google Analytics
Google Ads Display Certification
Google Analytics For Power Users