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With more than 7 years of experience in ERP development, TechUltra Solutions can develop end-to-end ERP, with experience in ERP Development and Support services we are able to help businesses in getting a deeper insight into business operations, rationalize the information flow, and improve cost control techniques.

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🛈 Custom ERP Solutions.

TechUltra Solutions develops custom ERP solution which is tailor-made to offer all the requested functionality and features in order to address the strategic needs and business requirements of our clients/customers.

Benefits Of ERP Software Developed by TechUltra Solutions.

1. Tailored-fit features.

→ ERP Solutions are developed and customized according to the business needs in order to improve efficiency.

2. Multi-Structure management.

→  Manage various companies/ departments that a company may have in an all-in-one centralized ERP system.

3. Real-Time Reports.

→  ERP system helps in improving productivity and business performance by analyzing and presenting data in real-time.

4. Simple Bookkeeping.

→  Easy and accurate data/ transactions can be recorded for generating financial records which can ease decision-making.

Features to look for in ERP software.

Management of many SKU/s

ERP helps in improving the accuracy of SKU data. It also obstructs the possibility of computation errors and stock loss.

Incremental Sales

With the help of the ERP system sales staff can improve their performance with features such as Prospect monitoring, follow-up reminders, and sale forecasting.

Plans Stock Purchases.

The ERP system will automatically place orders for purchase as soon as the stock approaches minimum availability.

Effortless Bookkeeping.

The system will automatically record all necessary expenses, costs, and sales transactions.

Accurate Stock monitoring.

ERP can help in the automatic calculation of stock availability and monitors the entry and exit of products.

Cost control

Helps in full cost control right from Purchase, production, to transfer of defective products back to the seller.

ERP Modules that TechUltra Solutions can develop.

According to the business needs and set budget, TechUltra Solutions can develop various ERP modules that can improve the efficiency of manpower and automate workflows.

1. Production Management.

Plan, schedule, and control your production through the Production Management Modules. It can also integrate lifecycle management and quality check.

2. Project Management.

One can plan and monitor tasks assigned and track them with the help of instant messages, shared file spaces, and much more in collaboration tools.

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3. Finance and Accounting.

Tack all accounts payable/receivables, ledgers, and billing along with the financial master plan.

4. Human Resources Management.

Manage HR policies, Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll, Attendance, Learning, and Request management in the HR module.

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5. Sales and Marketing.

Automate customer order management, data-driven marketing/ Ad campaigns, better visibility, and communication with customers.

6. Supply Chain Management.

Top features include inventory management, vendor management, and procurement automation.

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7. Document Management.

Easily store multi-department documents, navigate and share document templates.

8. Data Analytics and BI.

In-depth data analysis and visualization function in order to better monitor, access, and Advance the performance of every business department.

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9. Chatbots and virtual assistants for users.

Chatbots are helpful in user navigation and virtual assistant to automate tasks that take up more time and are routine.

10. Knowledge management.

All-in-one knowledge repository with a powerful search option, auto knowledge categorization, Knowledge dissemination, and collaboration tools.

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Why TechUltra Solutions for your ERP Development

  • 7+ Years of experience in ERP Development.
  • Strict NDA and contract
  • No 3rd party outsourcing for Designing, Deployment, or Support related services.
  • Affordable to all Types of organizations Small, Medium, or Large Organizations.
  • No Odoo Module hacking.
  • Faster and more effective turnover time.
  • Seasoned developers who possess hands-on experience.
  • IPR (you own property rights, we do not resell or reuse the codes).
  • Hands-on experience in UK and US Finance, Accounting, and eCommerce.

Free Demo

To provide a first-hand experience of our products and services, we encourage people to opt for an online demo.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We make sure to use the latest and up-to-date technology for designing products or delivering services.

Original, Neat, and Inventive Solutions

We have creative heads and seasoned developers who can develop innovative solutions.

Industry-leading Services.

At TechUltra Solutions, we believe in delivering solutions that are developed by industry leaders and are best in terms of performance.

Services We offer. 

TechUltra Solutions can offer automated end-to-end solutions and services to streamline business needs.

1. Custom ERP Development.

We create custom ERP solutions through workflow automation, data integration, modifying, and creating modules to create a perfect ERP solution.

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2. Flawless Data Migrations.

Migrate from the current ERP environment to a new ERP platform using our state of art technology tools and ERP experts.

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3. Expert ERP Implementation.

We can migrate and design your customized networks, servers, security, and data management on an organizational level without much downtime.

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4. ERP Integration Services.

Connect any 3rd party solutions with your ERP or enterprise system to assure no interruptions in workflow and optimized customer services.


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5. ERP System Configurations.

We can configure your ERP system for specific roles, fields, refinements, variations, improvements in the user interface, and many more fields.

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6. Data Warehousing.

Take advantage of a centralized data warehousing system to draw out, modify, and load information from different sources and to set up various nodes for easy data aggregation.

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7. Power Reporting.

Custom data-supported reports can be generated in real-time. Data can be presented in the form of multiple chats and graph styles.


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8. Customizable ERP Dashboards.

Customized features such as better forecasting analytics, better support in decision making, executive interactive dashboards, KPI tracking, and many more can be availed opt for SOA’s and robust design.

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​Get your Custom ERP Developed.

Custom ERP Software for various Industries.

TechUltra Solutions can develop a custom ERP solution that has tons of features which can act as an all-in-one solution. It also helps in smoothing business operations to a large extent.

  • Sourcing/ Supply Chain Management. 
  • PO (Purchase order) Management. 
  • Document/taxtion Management. 
  • Service Management. 
  • Field Service Management. 
  • Reporting & Analytics. 
  • Lot & Serial Traceability. 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 
  • Distribution Management. 
  • Enterprise Asset Management. 
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP). 
  • Financial Management. 
  • GR Management. 
  • Inventory Management. 
  • Project Management.

Reasons for building a Custom-made ERP Software Solutions.

Automation in processes

Custom ERP solutions can help in automating business processes hence increasing the company’s efficiency and employee productivity by getting rid of manual repetitive operations.

In-depth and Concise Reporting

Any person from a department can generate reports easily without much effort. Data analysis, retrieval, modification, coping, or removal all can be done fastly and productively.

Easy Data Collection

ERP system acts as a centralized system for data collection, ERP system also helps in collecting and accessing data in real-time.

Customer Satisfaction Increases

ERP system makes communication with the customers more effective and improves customer support services which ultimately leads to a stratified customer who will be brand loyal.

Multi-Platform ERP Development

Our ERP developers can develop an ERP system that can be accessed on multiple platforms such as

Mobile apps

Convenient and easy data entry and access. 

Alerts for streamlining workflows. 

Customizable dashboards for easy decision-making.

Desktop App

For applications/ Departments that need complex User interfaces.

Web App

To access data stored on a remote server.

Any PC with the help of an internet connection can access data.

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Looking for ERP Development Services? TechUltra Solutions is a perfect choice for your ERP Development as our team consists of seasoned developers who can develop best-in-class customized ERP systems to increase business productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ERP Development Company.

AI ERP software/systems can be beneficial to various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and many more. It is also suitable for businesses of all sizes which require in-depth data analysis, automated workflows, and operations that are optimized.

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) developers create planning software/ applications for enterprise resource programs of organizations.

Enterprise resource planning is a software which helps in running the entire business and supports automation requirements in various departments such as Finance, HR, Manufacturing, supply chain, and others.

4.  What are the common types of ERP solutions?

There are majorly 3 types of ERP solutions, 1. Cloud-based ERP, 2. On-premise ERP, 3. Hybrid ERP.

Yes, the ERP software market is expected to grow by 11.1% between 2023-30. It is estimated that by 2030 it would be around $ 123.42 Billion.

ERP helps in improving production planning and resource management, it also helps in managing inventory, provides useful insights into the manufacturing schedules, helps in reaching optimum production schedule, and maximization of capacity utilization in equipment and labor.

TechUltra Solutions offers various ERP software-related services which can take care of business needs. Various services are: 

  • EPR Consultation Services. 
  • Custom ERP Solution Development. 
  • ERP implementation Services. 
  • ERP application development 
  • ERP migration services. 
  • ERP Integration services. 
  • ERP support and maintenance services. 
  • Hire ERP developers.

Small businesses use ERP solutions for improving communication across various departments and to optimize processes by providing enhanced visibility of business operations.

ERP software helps startups in recording their assets and debts which helps in filing IT returns, along with this it includes all accounting functions, and CRM (customer relationship management) tool helps in improving customer relationships.

A CRM system drives sales and an ERP system helps in streamlining business operations to cut overall costs. Both perform unique actions and cannot be replaced by each other. But both can be integrated/ used together to maximize business growth.

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