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Odoo Integration helps to increase overall productivity as all the information

and decision-making are centralized in one business software.  

Integration with the following Services: 

  • Odoo Integration with Magento.
  • Odoo Integration with Shopify.
  • Odoo Integration with Salesforce.
  • Odoo Integration with Amazon.
  • Odo Integration with Quickbooks.

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Odoo Integration Service

Odoo Integration Service

Odoo being an Open-source ERP software can help businesses better manage their work. Odoo can easily be integrated with 3rd-party software to provide companies with a full suite of Business related applications to manage multiple departments such as Sales, CRM, Finance, and HR. Integration Services allows any business to manage its entire business from a centralized platform.

TechUltra Solutions offers Odoo Integration for businesses of all sizes and industries. We also customize Odoo ERP according to the needs of your business along with this we also offer Odoo Development Services .

Why Odoo Integration Services?

Odoo Integration will help your business grow by helping them manage all aspects of the business from a centralized location. Odoo Integration helps different departments within an organization such as material and warehouse management, accounting, Finance, sales, human resources, project management, e-commerce, marketing, and many more.

One can use Odoo's standalone software or integrate it with your business needs. No matter your decision, with Odoo integration businesses can increase their overall productivity by integrating every aspect of the business into one centralized platform for easy decision-making. Integration can help in saving valuable time and money by decreasing manpower costs and improving inter-departmental productivity.

There are many varieties of modules available in Odoo, one can customize them according to specified business needs.

Why choose TechUltra Solutions for Odoo Integration?

Various Advantages of Odoo Integration.

State-of-the-art Technology

Odoo makes use of up-to-date technology to stay updated with industry trends. Migrate from existing Odoo to the latest version without losing any information, we back up the existing data as well. TechUltra Solution helps to update to latest Odoo version.

Extremely adaptable

Odoo ERP is extremely versatile. As Odoo is open-source customization in Odoo is easy and can be carried out without hacking the modules. TechUltra Solution is an all-in-one solution for Odoo Integration and Odoo-related services.

User friendly

Odoo is designed to be user-friendly which is intuitive and easy to go along with. Being an open-source software, Odoo is constantly updating and improving its working. Any usability upgrades are automatically applied to existing integrated apps.


Odoo ERP is very simple and easy to get started. One can start with the essential module required and then add other modules as the business grows. It is very easy for any business to take advantage of the modularity function of Odoo.

Different Apps that can be integrated with Odoo.

These are some types of apps that can be integrated with Odoo. TechUltra Solution can help with the app integration, feel free to contact us and start your integration work today!

Odoo e-commerce integration

Any e-commerce business has a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of, with Odoo e-commerce integration all the functions of e-commerce such as ordering, stock management, customer buying patterns, transportation, and real-time tracking information can be integrated into a centralized on one platform. By using Odoo e-commerce integration, businesses would be able to automate and well-organize inventory thereby perfectly letting the customers know when their items would be delivered.

Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Whatever your needs are Point of sale (POS) software integration or Payment integration for an e-commerce project. Techultra Solutions can build a payment integration gateway which lets customers pay in their national currency. There are many safety options that allows customers to make remittances soundly and securely.

Odoo SMS gateway Integration

With Odoo SMS integration one can automate making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and performing other communication functions. There are tools that can help you send bulk SMS, e-mails, and text worldwide just with the help of a computer. 

Get all your communication needs in one place with the help of Odoo SMS gateway integration.

Odoo Social Media Integration

Convert your social following into customers with Odoo Social media integration. Social media integration helps to collect information from all social handles for better analysis and conversion.

It also provides input on ways to optimize the ongoing campaign and helps in strategic decision-making.

Odoo Google Apps Integration

The most used applications in Google workspace are usually Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and forms. After Odoo and Google integration, one can have access to secured storage, and easy creation and maintenance of important information.

Odoo Biometric integration

Biometric integration is very useful for the HR department as it helps in recording working hours, attendance, and off-time. Businesses can integrate existing applications with Odoo for better transparency across the company.

Odoo Logistics Integration

Make use of Odoo logistics integration to keep a tap on everything starting from procurement of goods to warehousing with the logistics integration services. It helps in not only keep the processes running smoothly but also increases clarity in the work to be done.

Odoo Accounting Integration

Odoo Accounting integration helps in managing different tasks such as accepting business payments, managing and paying bills, and Payroll functions.

Odoo Integration Services.

Odoo Payment Gateways Integrations

Odoo Payment Gateways Integrations

We have integrated the payment gateways Paypal, Payu, Sagepay, Verifone, Realex, Square Payment gateways

Odoo Shipping Integrations

Odoo Shipping Integrations

The below shipping connectors we have provided integrations, DHL, Fedex , Royal Mail, Metro

Odoo Social Integrations

Odoo Social Integrations

Integrations Social integrations for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Insta page, Postcode lookup etc

Odoo Call Center Integrations

Odoo Call Center Integrations

We have integrated the call centres system like Asterisk, Freepbx, RingCentral, Kazoo

Odoo Accounting Integrations​

Odoo Accounting Integrations​

Integrations of the different accounting system to get the data cross synchronize with Quickbooks, Sage, Tally ERP

Odoo KPIs Integrations

Odoo KPIs Integrations

KPI integration with Analytics, Tags, AdWords, Piwi and also with the SEO Services

With the help of Odoo 17 ERP integration, features of ERP can be easily integrated with other features and software to make your experience seamless and improve efficiency. Start your Odoo 17 Integration today.

Why use TechUltra Solutions for Odoo Integration?

We have clients in multiple industries and have catered to business needs of multiple sizes varying from Small Startups to medium size enterprises to Large corporations. We are official Gold Partners of Odoo in India and UK and provide customized Integration services. We are also able to cater to the needs of Odoo Development and Odoo Integration with 3rd-party systems.

Odoo Techno-functionals

Our Odoo developers can customize your Odoo integration based on the most frequently used applications and needs of your business. TechUltra Solutions also makes sure that your company has state-of-the-art technology and the best integrations for a seamless experience.

Economical Solution

We make sure to develop the most cost-effective solution without compromising the code quality. TechUltra Solutions will deliver the best possible Odoo Integration Solutions at a reasonable price. Get your Free Consulting today!

Caption of Industry

Techultra Solutions has years of experience working in a variety of industries. We try to put into our projects years of experience and much-required knowledge into developing Odoo-related solutions and customized ERP development and Integration for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions on Odoo Customization.

We have experience in integrating most of the 3rd party solutions available with Odoo. Examples include Shopify-Odoo Integration, Amazon-Odoo Integration, Prestashop-Odoo Integration, and eBay-Odoo integration.

Yes, it is possible to integrate third-party systems which have API to work with Odoo. Odoo also comes with a strong Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call (XML RPC) based API.

Being an Odoo Gold Partner we do not hack Modules and code. We only commit ourselves to the projects that TechUltra Solutions is confident and capable of delivering on scheduled time within the specified budget constraints. We also provide references on request.

Yes, it is possible. Examples include Facebook- Odoo integration, Twitter- Odoo Integration, and others.

Odoo is an open-source ERP that can Integrate Sales, CRM, Project Management, Manufacturing, Inventory management, Accounting, HR, Marketing, and other business-related activities.

The community version of Odoo is Libre Software, licensed under GNU LGPL V3. The enterprise version has extra features and services. Core ERP modules and source code are selected and organized by Odoo S.A. (Belgium based). Odoo has both options on-prise and SaaS.

Odoo provides easy customization and integrates seamlessly. Odoo is also an affordable solution as businesses can start with selected modules and expand as their business grows. Team communication in Odoo is also more secure without any breaches.

Odoo can be integrated with apps such as CRM, eCommerce, accounting, Inventory, Point of sale, and project management.

Yes Odoo supports integration, Odoo Integration increases productivity within the organization, and with the availability of customizable Odoo modules business needs can be met with ease.

10. What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP is an enterprise resource planning software which is extended through out a company for managing business operations. Odoo provides business applications which are known as Odoo apps, they can be integrated seamlessly to form an ERP Solution.

TechUltra Solutions provides Odoo integration in various areas such as USA, UK, Peru, India, Dubai, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Spain, UAE, Canada, France, Italy or World-Wide.

Odoo is a very good workflow management software. Odoo offers wide variety of tools that are powerful and user-friendly. Odoo as a business management tool simplifies management of finance, accounting, Human Resources, Sales, e-Commerce, Manufacturing and much more. It is one of the best Open-source ERP software/system.

Odoo can be easily integrated with many kind of tools and other systems that allows one to seamlessly view all data.

Most common used tools are:

1. Webshop & E-commerce Integration

2. Payment Provider Integration

3. Productivity Integration

4. CRM Tools Integration

5. VoIP Integration

6. Finance and Accounting Integration

7. Delivery & Logistics Integration

8. Odoo AI Integration

9. Odoo EDI Integration

Odoo Integration can be done in 2 Ways (flat-file vs. API, one-way vs. two-way).

Both flat-file and API integration transfer data between applications, but the flat file  integration requires correct file format, API integration also shares information between apps in real-time. Odoo is compatible with both types.

One-way or two-way integration describes direction of shared data between Odoo and 3rd-party apps. In 1-way integration, data is send only in 1-direction without any response from software, while 2-way integration communicates and transfers data both ways.

Odoo integration is a complex process which requires changes in Odoo interface. Odoo must not only communicate with new software but also able to fill data and operate directly from Odoo. Out techno-functional experts and developers carefully design Odoo interface based on the business requirements.

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