Odoo Integration

Nowadays any ERP application must be connected and integrated with the other services either it is payment gateways or other applications

Odoo Integration Provider

We have done more than 80 cross-platform integration in Odoo. It includes the payment gateways, shipping connectors, and eCommerce connector.

We use REST APIs, SOAP and the Python libraries to integrate the Odoo apps to the other services. With our well-experienced developers, we deliver the best quality solutions for Odoo Integrations.

We have worked a lot on the APIs and connectors to give access to our customers to connect with the different cross-platform applications and services. 

Odoo Integrations Service by TechUltra Solutions and Why we are the best in this?

TechUltra Solutions provides the modules and connectors to meet the requirements of your Odoo Integration Service like payment gateways, business KPIs, Shipping connectors, Call Centers, and VoIP connectors, Social connectors & eCommerce connectors like eBay and Amazon and SMS gateways and Biometric devices integrations.

Odoo Integration Services

Odoo Payment Gateways Integrations

We have integrated the payment gateways Paypal, Payu, Sagepay, Verifone, Realex, Square Payment gateways

Odoo Shipping Integrations

The below shipping connectors we have provided integrations, DHL,  Fedex , Royal Mail, Metro

Odoo Social Integrations

Social integrations for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Insta page, Postcode lookup etc

Odoo Call Centre Integrations

We have integrated the call centres system like Asterisk, Freepbx, RingCentral, Kazoo

Odoo Accounting Integrations

Integrations of the different accounting system to get the data cross synchronize with Quickbooks, Sage, Tally ERP

Odoo KPIs Integrations

KPI integration with Analytics, Tags, AdWords, Piwi and also with the SEO Services