Case Study on Leading Textile Manufacturers.

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Textile Industry Case Study.


  • Textile Manufacturing.


  • Problems of Storing, Accessing, and Analyzing data in a decentralized system. 
  • Different Systems for storing various department data. 
  • Various branches use their own way of data entry and reporting. 
  • Huge database of customer information, inventory transportation, and contacts. 
  • Manual data entry jobs taking a lot of time and productive manpower hours.


  • Odoo ERP System (all-in-one solution).

​Platforms Used.

  • Different Modules Of Odoo are used to provide various functionalities related to CRM, Sales Gate Pass, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Accounting, Manufacturing, WhatsApp, Discuss, Human Resources, Website, Product Catalogs, Odoo Contacts, Odoo Project, Odoo Barcodes, Odoo Discount, Odoo Helpdesk, Odoo Expense, Odoo Access Management, Odoo Link tracker, Odoo Social Media, Odoo Events.

Customer Background.

  • Our client is an industry leader in textile manufacturing with many renowned clients and has worked with big brands. The company was founded in 2008, producing cotton and other fabrics for some of India’s and worldwide top brands. 
  • Our clients have been producing products that meet ISO 9,000 Quality standards and are well known for their organized way of conducting business in largely unorganized markets. They are present in all major cities of India like Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and many more. 
  • Their high-quality fabric has also drawn attention from all over the world and has got many export orders as well.

Obstacles Faced.

  • Huge amounts of data customer and vendor data are managed through calls and emails and stored in different software. Used Normal paper for recording the transactions. 
  • The company had various branches so it was difficult to maintain data accurately. The company also needs to maintain purchase and product entry on a daily basis with multiple warehouses and locations. 
  • No software for maintaining bill of materials and data entry into excel takes a lot of time. Quotation/ Invoice getting shared through email indicating. 
  • The problem of weak CRM was also affecting how employee management was done along with how Salaries, Attendance, Time-off, and Payrolls are managed. 
  • The website of the company had no interesting user Interface, difficult to know about visitor pages, views, or actions. e-Commerce was not connected to other modules making the creation of a product catalog difficult.

Why Choose Odoo for ERP?

  • Odoo is a self-integrated, open-source, Many to one, Limitless customizable business management system. 
  • Odoo has the power to handle huge amounts of data. 
  • CRM feature is enough to meet new leads and opportunities. 
  • Odoo Sales/ Purchase module is the world’s best module. 
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management system for real-time data tracking. 
  • Excellent accounting features.


1. CRM.


  • Huge amount of customer and vendor data. 
  • Maintained manually through calls and emails Using different software. 
  • Send messages and quotations on WhatsApp.

TechUltra Solutions provided Odoo CRM solution:

  • Odoo 16 business management system helps in better lead creation, lead generation, and mining. 
  • Interactive Dashboard for better reporting, forecast, leads, pipeline, and other activities. 
  • Automatic assign leads to the sales team. 
  • Directly send Quotations from CRM and convert them into sales orders.

2. Sales and Sales Gate Pass.


  • Using normal paper for record keeping. 
  • Maintaining accurate databases and large amounts of sales data.

TechUltra Solution developed Odoo Sales module:

  • After Odoo ERP implementation, the creation of Inward and Outward sales gate passes (for incoming and outgoing shipments) is possible.
  • The company can now send quotations and sales orders and create products with varied features and versions.
  • After shifting to ERP, the addition of promotion or coupon codes is possible along with this supports the different units of measure and varied shipping methods are also available.
  • Now in the ERP system, clients can set vendors during product creation, filter, and group by option for products/ sales orders, etc.

3. Purchase and Inventory Management Problem.


  • Handling various vendors, huge purchase data, and no proper analysis of purchase data. 
  • A large number of product entries are done manually from multiple warehouses and location management.

TechUltra Solution provided Odoo Purchase and Inventory Management Module:

  • Easy request for quotation and purchase orders, easy internal order approval for order sizes greater than a specific amount. 
  • Vendors and vendors’ pricelist maintenance, different purchase agreements, facility to send purchase orders and quotations by WhatsApp, and receipt reminder facility. 
  • Warehouse Management system for different routes and location management, facility to track different product moves, warehouse analysis, inventory reporting Inventory forecasting, and inventory valuation. 
  • The Odoo Purchase module helps to manage products via lots and serial numbers. Wave and batch transfer. 
  • Automatic replenishment order by the run scheduler and management of scrap. 
  • Management of landing costs, reordering rules, and product packaging.

4. Accounting.


  • Using different software, manual data entry of each bill and invoice. 
  • Time-consuming tasks and facing errors in analysis/ reporting.

TechUltra Solution developed Odoo Accounting Module:

  • It helped in reducing data entries and saved time. Provided opportunities for collaboration and alerts for bill payments. 
  • Facilitates easy reconciliation, pay multiple invoices and manage multiple vendor bills/ refunds/ receipts and payments. 
  • Facilitates customer invoicing/ credit notes/ receipts/ payments/follow-up reports along with this easy reconciliation, tax adjustment, and lock dates. 
  • Accounting can be in multi-currency, multi-users, multiple companies, and multi-journal support. 
  • Odoo accounting module is integrated with sales/ Purchase/ E-commerce/ Inventory/ Customer Portal. 
  • Ability to check the financial position at the end of a particular period or fiscal year. 
  • Report generation for customized for India and France, Profit and loss report, Partner report, audit reports, Invoice analysis, and Budget analysis.

5. Manufacturing.


  • No software to manage bills of material, manufacturing orders are placed manually. 
  • Managing data through manual entry and software like excel.

TechUltra Solutions provided the following solution:

  • Automatic creation of manufacturing orders after receiving a sales order. 
  • Unbuild product and scrap. Easy reporting of manufacturing orders and product analysis.

6. WhatsApp.


  • Sending Quotation/ Invoice/ bills via email.
  • Weak CRM integration.

TechUltra provided Odoo WhatsApp Integration:

  • Enables direct messages to customers on WhatsApp. 
  • Easy sharing of a Quotation/ Invoice/ bill on WhatsApp.

7. Discuss Module.


  • Sending messages/Quotations/Invoices/bills via email. 
  • Weak CRM. 
  • Going to each module to use WhatsApp.

TechUltra Solutions provided an Odoo discussion space:

  • Clients can directly send messages to customers on WhatsApp, no need to go to each module, can send a Quotation/ Invoice/bill on WhatsApp along with chat and media.

8. Human Resource Module.


  • Managing the employees and their data relating to Salaries/ attendance/ time-offs/Payrolls.

TechUltra Solution developed Odoo HR Module which provided the following features:

1. Employee management.

  • Can create and edit employees and their departments, create Jobs. 
  • Create a filter and group all employees.

2. Payroll.

  • Create contacts and salary attachment, Work entry/ Time off reports. 
  • Pay slips, Payrolls/ Work entry report. 
  • Proper Salary/ Rules/ Structure.

3. Time off

  • Time off allocation and approval, Leaves and holidays management.

4. Calendar

  • Schedule online appointments and meetings.

5. Attendance

  • Easy management of employee attendance, Check-in, and Check-out feature.
  •  Facilitates manual attendance.

6. Timesheet

  • Easy recording of information in the timesheet, access all timesheets. 
  • Reporting of timesheet of employees/ managers/ task/ projects /billing types.

9. Website


  • No interesting UI and e-Commerce is not connected to other modules.

TechUltra Solution developed the following solution:

  • TechUltra Solutions made a demo site for better demonstration. An interesting user-friendly and attractive website was developed which could convert visitors into leads. 
  • The website is also connected to the accounting module in order to manage sales entries.

10. GST.


  • GST management and calculations.

TechUltra Solution Developed:

  • Individual GST Module. Created editable GST tools. 
  • Maintaining GST for a fiscal year, Unit quality codes. 
  • Invoicing.

11. Product Catalogues


  • Difficulties in generating product catalog.

​TechUltra Solution developed:

  • Product catalog module which can be easily generated.

12. Contacts.


  • The client was facing the challenge of managing all the contacts of customers/ vendors/ brands under one system.

TechUltra Solution developed a solution:

  • It could create and edit contacts of the company and individuals. 
  • Configure WhatsApp number of contacts for best CRM usage.

11. Project.


  • No proper project management and difficulty to assign projects.

​TechUltra Solution developed a Project Management Solution:

  • Creating and editing projects and tasks are made easy after the development of Odoo project management solution. 
  • Creation of project pipeline and report of project/ task/ timesheet/ planning.

12. Barcodes.


  • The barcode system was not connected with other modules and managed using different software.

TechUltra Solutions developed an Odoo barcode module:

  • The Developed barcode module can configure the barcode, and create a new transfer. 
  • Scan a barcode to show its location and quantity.

13. Documents.


  • Difficulty in managing all the documents.

TechUltra Solution developed a document module to manage all the documents:

  • It can create and edit workspace (Trainee videos, notes, Sales, HR department, etc). 
  • Employees can also upload documents.

14. HelpDesk.


  • No helpdesk or tracking on the support tickets.

​TechUltra Solutions developed Odoo Helpdesk

  • It helped in creating a ticket and tracking the support services.

15. Expense and Access Management.


  • Managing expenses and providing rights to different grades of people.

TechUltra Solution developed an expense manager and access manager:

  • Helped in creating, settling, and reporting expenses along with this developed a system to create access to their managers.

16. Planning and Link Tracker.


  • Difficulties in planning and tracking a link.

​TechUltra Solutions develops ERP planning and Link Tracker:

  • ERP planning systems help in planning the day/tasks/ projects. Link tracker helps in tracking the important links, creating important links, and creating campaigns.​

17. Quality, Social Media, and Events.


  • It was challenging to check the quality and manage it. There was also difficulty in knowing about visitors, page views/ actions, etc. 
  • A big challenge was to manage events.

TechUltra Solutions developed a quality management module:

  • Developed quality Module helps in the management of the quality team, checking the quality at different stages, quality alerts, and reports of quality checks and alerts.
  • With the help of social media management solution client is able to see visitors’ details and track them for better design and decision-making.
  • With the event management solution, the client cloud creates deletes or edits events, creates of the registration desk, and reporting of events and attendances.

Details of visitors:

Event menu:

The client turned to TechUltra Solutions for developing an integrated solution that stores, handles, and analyzes data from various departments and branches to provide real-time data and help in forecasting future growth and demand.


The textile industry is very competitive and has various challenges that are required to be solved/ addressed using state-of-the-art technology. By choosing TechUltra Solutions as their technology partner they have overcome many of their technical and nontechnical challenges such as:

  • Problems of Storing, Accessing, and Analyzing data in a decentralized system. 
  • Different Systems for storing various department data. 
  • Various branches use their own way of data entry and reporting. 
  • Huge database of customer information, inventory transportation, and contacts. 
  • Manual data entry jobs taking a lot of time and productive manpower hours. 

The proposed All-in-one solution is the Odoo ERP system which helped in solving all the issues related to CRM, Sales, and Sales Gate Pass, Purchase and Inventory Management Problems, Accounting, Manufacturing, WhatsApp, Discuss Module, Human Resource Module, Website, GST, Product Catalogues, Contacts, Project, Barcodes, Documents, HelpDesk, Expense, and Access Management, Planning and Link Tracker, Quality, Social Media, and Events.