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Odoo ERP Integration with Whatsapp Can act as a game changer for your business

Integrate Odoo With WhatsApp

Use our fully automated WhatsApp Odoo messenger services in Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise.

WhatsApp Odoo Integration by TechUltra Solutions

WhatsApp is a very user-friendly messaging platform used by over 1.5 billion people, combined with Odoo they create a strong system. Our WhatsApp Odoo Community Integration can enable users to send messages from Odoo. Messages can be sent from any of the Odoo modules such as Sales, Inventory, Accounting, website, Marketing, HR management, Invoicing, delivery, and much more.

The Power of Odoo Integration

Odoo, an all-in-one management software, has gained acclaim for its ability to streamline business processes. By integrating various modules like CRM, inventory, and accounting, Odoo brings efficiency and cohesion to organizational workflows.

Benefits Of using odoo 17 community With WhatsApp


increase in Revenue




Increase in conversion rates


Abandoned Carts reconverted

Saved 30%

Customer service, support & operation costs


of people relied on Chatbot support

2.5 Billion

hours saved with WhatsApp Chatbot


of Online Shoppers Prefer Personalized message

What is WhatsApp Cloud API?

Whatsapp Cloud API is a cloud-hosted version of WhatsApp Business API which is provided directly by Meta. It allows businesses and developers to enhance/ alter WhatsApp to customize their experiences and respond to customers more quickly and easily.

Whatsapp integration with various Odoo apps:

Odoo + WhatsApp Integration Features:

1.Whatsapp Notifications in Odoo

With the help of Whatsapp Odoo integration, one can easily access all the important notifications and complete chat within any module of Odoo. With the help of Whatsapp Odoo integration companies are able to save time and effort by sending and receiving messages in both Odoo ERP and Whatsapp.

2. Pre-defined templates for Whatsapp Messages

Get more accomplished in less time with Odoo ERP and WhatsApp Integration. One can easily create and send template messages to customers with Official Meta API. One can easily send template messages that are dynamic, with/ without attachments in multiple languages, and in multiple nodes.

3. Send messages from any CRM module

With the help of Whatsapp Odoo Integration, one can easily send messages from any Odoo module as the integration allows one to include all Whatsapp contacts (new and existing) in Odoo ERP.

4.Bidirectional data sync of Whatsapp messages in Odoo CRM

Users can easily access Whatsapp data on Odoo CRM with the help of Whatsapp Odoo integration. Now one no longer needs to add leads/ customer data from WhatsApp chat or calls into your ERP separately. Odoo Whatsapp integration will automatically add and update the contacts.

5. Track customer communication with Whatsapp Odoo CRM integration.

It can be a bit challenging for businesses to keep track of their customers and leads from WhatsApp, with the help of WhatsApp and Odoo ERP integration, businesses are able to gain a full view of business contacts, keep a tap on users' queries, and resolve customers' problems to maintain the best satisfaction level.

6. Whatsapp Sales follow-up with Odoo ERP Integration

With the help of Whatsapp Odoo integration, sales would increase as it helps cultivate leads by sharing product details, brochures, photos, and videos seamlessly from mobile/web applications to any contact.

One can easily cultivate a prospective customer into a customer by sharing appropriate photos, videos, and documentation specific according to the customer's buying journey. Customer data can also be kept track and all contacts are easily accessed in Odoo.

7. Get instant customer feedback.

With the help of Odoo Whatsapp Integration businesses can easily collect customer feedback data by fetching a database from Odoo and sending links of feedback forms on their WhatsApp numbers. By using Whatsapp odoo integration, one can get instant feedback from customers and make the necessary corrections in their business processes.

8. Centralized Whatsapp number with multiple users

It can be quite challenging for businesses to keep track of their sales data when people use different numbers for work, with the help of WhatsApp odoo Integration team members use same WhatsApp on multiple devices along with this, leaders are able to collect and analyze various kinds of data based on the customer’s interaction. This helps to keep the whole team on the same page by knowing the heterogeneous customer complaints and ways to solve them.

Top Features

  • Single WhatsApp Number/Provider and Multiple Users/Agents
  • Multi Companies and Multi Numbers/Providers.
  • Customizable WhatsApp templates. Manage (Create/Delete) WhatsApp Templates.
  • WhatsApp Chat History.
  • Single-click Media sharing product videos, pictures, PDFs, doc files.
  • WhatsApp History: Added Filter, Groupby, Search by, etc.,
  • Error message handling
  • Interactive Message Templates - List, Buttons, Single Product and Multi Product
  • Quick Reply Buttons for sending buttons through Whatsapp Templates
  • Send Dynamic and Static URL through button in Whatsapp Templates 
  • WhatsApp History Smart Button in each contact.
  • Bi-Directional Messages From Odoo to WhatsApp and WhatsApp to Odoo - Vice-Versa.
  • Live and WhatsApp Chat Simultaneously in System
  • Smart Buttons of WhatsApp Status like Sent, Received, Read, Delivered, Fail, etc., in WhatsApp Marketing History
  • Contact Message History Tab in WhatsApp Marketing Module.
  • Send Interactive Message Templates in WhatsApp Marketing Module.
  • When a New Customer will message you on your WhatsApp Number - Automatically New Contact will be created with their WhatsApp Profile Name, Mobile Number and Country.
  • WhatsApp Messages have a WhatsApp Icon - In Discuss, Chatter & Chat Window.
  • WhatsApp Messages - Left/Right Chat - In Discuss & Chat Window.
  • Rebranding of Discuss Screen & Odoo Chatter - Just Like WhatsApp App.
  • WhatsApp Configuration - Show/Hide Send Message & Send WhatsApp Button in All Models' Sidebar.
  • When Incoming WhatsApp Message Seen/Read in odoo, Double Blue Tick (Read Receipts) in WhatsApp.
  • When Odoo Message Sent, Delivered, Read in WhatsApp - Single, Double Gray Tick and Double Blue Tick (Read Receipts) in Odoo Chatter and Discuss.
  • Reply and React Message Feature: Reply/React on Particular Message in WhatsApp will be added in the same thread in Odoo.
  • Send WhatsApp Message Button hide from Sidebar Chatter if message not received in the last 23 hours. First Need to send a template to start a conversation.
  • Broadcast Messages, WhatsApp Marketing Status & History
  • Configure, Send and Schedule Different WhatsApp Marketing Campaign & Templates
  • In Odoo, Create and Select Different WhatsApp Groups and Contact Groups to Send Promotional/Marketing Messages in WhatsApp Marketing Module.

Benefits of integrating Odoo with Whatsapp using
Odoo Whatsapp Meta official API

  1. Can add predefined Templates from Whatsapp templates
  2. Get notifications and data related to customers in your Odoo ERP.
  3. Send and receive Whatsapp messages from any Odoo module.
  4. Sync the data of Whatsapp into Odoo ERP and vice-versa.
  5. Record and analyze statistics of WhatsApp communication.

Exclusive benefits of Whatsapp Meta official Cloud API integration with

Odoo ERP developed by TechUltra Solutions.

  1. Official WhatsApp Cloud API - By Meta(Facebook)
  2. Multi Companies and Multi Providers
  3. Customizable Whatsapp templates.
  4. Create/Delete WhatsApp Templates
  5. WhatsApp Chat History
  6. Single-click Media sharing product videos, pictures, PDFs, and doc files.
  7. Error message handling
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Frequently Asked Questions on WhatsApp Odoo Integration.


This is a one-time purchase for the Odoo ERP version that is suitable to your current requirement. One doesn’t need to pay license or monthly fees to use this application.

Yes, this Odoo application is compatible with both enterprise and community edition, both can easily be integrated to Whatsapp.

Yes, it is possible to customize this app as per the business needs. Customization charges are extra based upon the requirements. Contact us directly by dropping a mail on [email protected]

4. Can I see a demo version of Whatsapp Odoo integration before buying it?

Yes you can get a free demo of our Odoo Whatsapp Integration application before making the purchase, you can drop us a mail on [email protected] for more information.

Yes, this app may require other supporting apps to make a particular module fully functional. All the apps that are related are listed at the end of our Whatsapp Meta official Graph API. Supported apps are customized according to the various modules of Odoo, so one can easily buy the required modules when necessary.

Yes, we do provide new updates/ releases to the current Application version. We have mentioned them under the release section of Odoo app store.

Configure Mobile Number

Configure WhatsApp Mobile Number in Particular Contact

WhatsApp Composer for Send Dynamic WhatsApp Message

Click on WhatsApp Icon > WhatsApp Composer for Send Dynamic WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp Message 

Now, Go to WhatsApp Application, Here you can Receive WhatsApp Message with Attachments, You can Reply on this message directly from WhatsApp too.

Chat Window 

Here you can Receive or Send WhatsApp Messages

8. What is integration with Whatsapp?

Integrating Odoo with Whatsapp lets agents send and receive Whatsapp messages using the Odoo ERP. Messages are synced and can be sent as real-time messages. Our Odoo Whatsapp Integration has made it possible for Odoo user to link their Whatsapp and Odoo CRM with the help of Odoo Whatsapp API.

Yes, Whatsapp has its own API and it can be used for sending hundred and thousands of messages to users in one go.

Whatsapp Odoo Integration Module Installation & Configuration Guide can be found by clicking the link highlighted here.

Whatsapp offers its business API as a scalable business solution for marketing and sales promotion of any business. The Whatsapp API is free of cost but there are charges per session which are often called conversion-based pricing model.