Which CRM Is Best For Your Business

November 29, 2022 by

Business means customers and customers mean data. Today, a manager who wants to manage his company and develop his sales team performance can not ignore CRM. the necessity for strong customer management software isn't up for debate, however, deciding which CRM is best fitted to your company needs are often more complicated

In this article, we've gathered four prominent CRMs (in our opinion) currently available on the market. The objective? to offer you a quick overview of every tool in order that you've got the proper information available once you make your decision.

SalesForce: The Heavyweight

While the CRM landscape has grown in recent years, Salesforce remains one of the heavyweights within the industry. With several advanced features, it's still a really attractive SaaS solution for giant companies or companies with specific challenges. additionally, it's an easy interface and its operation is quite intuitive. In terms of budget, the entry ticket is $25 per month and per user. That said, the functionalities of this version are very limited and you'll need to quickly switch to the upper tiers, starting at $75 all the high to $300 per month, so as to start out taking full advantage of the software.

Also, note that the variability of features offered by Salesforce is rarely relevant to small to medium-sized businesses. They generate additional costs that are often unnecessary when considering the number of modules that will not even be in use, albeit the essential rates are already relatively high.

Microsoft Dynamics: For Specialists

This CRM offered by Microsoft is a component of Office 365 and Its connectivity to other Microsoft programs, like Excel, for instance, is often quite useful. Regularly updated, Microsoft Dynamics offers a really good user experience and a good range of features. However, this diversity comes at a price, since Microsoft's starting price for the "Sales" module alone amounts to $65 per month and per user. the other available modules (marketing, customer service...) are considered to feature on and are subject to additional billing.

It should even be noted that the tool is quite difficult to find out, and may take weeks - even months - to master. Combined with above-average prices in comparison to competitors, this solution is meant more for giant organizations with in-house specialists.

Zoho CRM: For Limited Budgets

Zoho CRM is extremely easy to access and is meant to be accessible to the best number of individuals. If the quality plan at $18 per month per user quickly shows its limits, their $45 per month plan offers more possibilities and can generally suit the requirements of a little to medium-sized business. With its aggressive pricing, Zoho CRM targets smaller companies or managers who don't wish to take a position large sums of cash into a CRM.

Zoho's integration with other tools is sort of tricky, however, and therefore the customer service isn't popular among customers. The interface, although outdated in terms of design, remains quite functional.

Odoo: The Challenger

Contrary to the opposite solutions discussed above, Odoo is in particular an ERP and open-source software that gives a free plan. However, it's a full-fledged CRM module that gives more or less advanced functionalities consistent with the requirements of every company. Other ERP applications within the Odoo ERP (starting at as low as $8.50 per module) are often added (marketing, e-commerce, or sales) to finish the essential CRM. 

This "à la carte" approach guarantees that every company will only buy the features it actually needs and uses. We approach you to discuss the need and difficulties and give you the proper solutions with our Odoo Development Service

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