Introducing WhatsApp Flows: Use Cases and Industry Impact

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Still using the outdated way of interacting with customers? Introducing WhatsApp Flows.

What are WhatsApp Flows?

WhatsApp flows can be a new concept for some as it is the newest addition to WhatsApp Business Platform which helps businesses in designing, building, and customizing their own (customer) flows. 

In simple words, WhatsApp flows lets you create a customizable and flexible online form. Where customers get a choice to select from a drop down menu or pre-fill information fields while the customer is being guided through this buying/ support journey.

Why is there a need for WhatsApp Flows?

  1. Build and Iterate their own rich experiences for customers.
  2. Helps in getting things done faster.
  3. Driving better results for businesses.
  4. Available to worldwide customers.
  5. Android and IOS supported.
  6. Available on-premise and WhatsApp cloud API.

Several Use Cases of WhatsApp Flows:  

WhatsApp Flow is built to make form-based user cases simple and quick. Here are some of the example where WhatsApp Flow are used:

  1. Lead Generation.
  2. Booking Appointment.
  3. Event registration and logins.
  4. 24/7 support.
  5. Enhanced Customer Engagement
  6. Automation and Efficiency
  7. Personalization
  8. Data Security and Privacy
  9. Rich Media Support

WhatsApp Flow integration with various industries:

Various industries are making use of WhatsApp and have experienced several benefits from them such as Appointment booking,  e-Commerce, Healthcare, Travel, Event Management, Surveys, Restaurants, Education, and Real Estate. 

The list is not limited to these industries specifically but they are required to interact a lot with the customers and interactions are mostly task-based. This calls for some kind of automation in the communication process that’s where WhatsApp Flows comes into play.

WhatsApp Flow integration with various industries:

1- eCommerce + WhatsApp Flows:  

eCommerce is an ever-changing industry that keeps on evolving and there is a never-ending quest because the customers expect better interface and experience as the application matures.

WhatsApp Flows can help a lot to eCommerce industry as it helps in solving customers’ doubts, tracking orders, sending customized recommendations, and easy checkouts this enhances customer satisfaction.

How WhatsApp Flows Helps Transform eCommerce industry

  • Order Tracking and Status Updates

  • Personalized Shopping Recommendations

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • Customer Support and Queries

  • Promotions and Flash Sales

  • Feedback and Reviews

  • Product Recommendations and Catalog Browsing

  • Returns and Refunds Processing

  • Pre-order and Back-in-Stock Alerts

2-  Appointment Booking + WhatsApp Flows:

In many industries booking an appointment is important and time-consuming work, that’s the reason why there is a need for automation in order to free up the time of people involved in appointment booking and making the process easier for customers.

How WhatsApp Flows Helps Transform Appointment Booking 

  • Automated Appointment Scheduling
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Personalized Booking Experience
  • Automated Reminders
  • Real-Time Updates and Changes
  • Integration with Calendar Systems
  • Instant Customer Support
  • Feedback Collection

3- Healthcare+ WhatsApp Flows:

Healthcare is very complicated and important to any economy as it helps in saving lives and recover from deadly diseases. 

WhatsApp flows in healthcare industry helps in making appointments, management of treatment plans, instantaneous interaction and much more. 

WhatsApp Flows helps in making patient interaction simple, personalized and instant. In Addition to this, also help in offering quality healthcare services.

  How WhatsApp Flows Helps Transform Healthcare Industry

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Symptom Checker and Triage

  • Telehealth Consultations

  • Follow-up and Monitoring

  • Feedback and Surveys

  • Health Campaigns and Vaccination Reminders 

  • Emergency Alerts and Notifications

4- Travel + WhatsApp Flows:

Booking a ticket by visiting various physical stores and comparing various service providers can be a tedious task. With the help of WhatsApp flows all of these issues can be catered once for all. After WhatsApp flow booking can be done easily without leaving the Whatsapp application.


How WhatsApp Flows Helps Transform Travel Industry

  • Booking Confirmations and Updates

  • Real-time Flight Updates

  • Hotel Reservations and Check-in

  • Customizable Travel Packages

  • Local Recommendations and Guides

  • Weather Updates and Alerts

  • Automated Trip Reminders

  • Lost Luggage Assistance

  • Post-Travel Feedback and Recommendations

5- Survey + WhatsApp Flows:

In simple words survey means collecting data for any purpose, the physical survey took a lot of time and efforts and ignorance from the customers. To tackle all of these issues WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp flows which helps in easy data collection without leaving the WhatsApp application.

  • Wider Reach and Accessibility
  • Multi-Channel Surveys
  • Instant Feedback Collection
  • Personalized Survey Experience
  • Multi-Language Support 

6-  Restaurant + WhatsApp Flows:

There are multiple things whichthat are required to be taken care of in restaurant industry such as reserving tables, seeking menus, or catering services.

WhatsApp flows in restaurant industry helps in getting all of the above-mentioned processes quickly thereby improving customer services and smooth streamlined workflow. 

How WhatsApp Flows Helps Transform Restaurant Industry:

  • Event Invitations and RSVPs
  • Event Reminders and Updates:
  • Ticketing and Registration
  • Post-Event Follow-up
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions
  • Emergency Notifications
  • VIP and Special Guest Communications
  • Transportation and Parking Information
  • Photo Sharing and Contests

7- Event Management + WhatsApp Flows:

Managing of event is a tedious task as it involves promotion of events, making a list of attending participants, providing them updates regarding the schedule, ticket booking and much more. All of these processes can take a lot of time and manpower but there is a one stop solution to all of these issues WhatsApp Flows, get started today.

How WhatsApp Flows Helps Transform Event Management Industry

  • Seamless Ticketing and Registration
  • Personalized Agenda Updates
  • Facilitated Networking Opportunities
  • Virtual Event Support
  • Lost and Found Alerts
  • Event Merchandise Orders
  • Transportation and Parking Information

8- Others:

There are many other industries that can make use of WhatsApp flow in various ways all of them are discussed below:

Retail and Fashion:

  • Promotions, flash sales, and new product launches.
  • Order status updates and delivery notifications.
  • Customer inquiries and support.


  • Policy updates and renewal reminders.
  • Claim submission and status updates.
  • Customer support for insurance-related queries.


  • Plan upgrades and billing notifications.
  • Technical support and issue resolution.
  • Promotions and new service offerings.

Real Estate:

  • Property listings and updates.
  • Appointment scheduling for property viewings.
  • Automated responses to real estate inquiries.


  • Appointment Booking
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Post-Appointment Care Tips
  • Virtual Queue Management
  • Product Recommendations and Sales

Banking and Finance:

  • Loan Application Status and Updates
  • Bill Payment Reminders
  • Fraud Alerts and Security Notifications
  • Product and Service Information
  • Appointment Scheduling for Consultations
  • Branch Locator and Contact Information


  • Event Announcements and Invitations
  • Fee Payment Reminders
  • Surveys and Feedback Collection
  • Class Schedules and Timetables

WhatsApp Flows A Must-Have Business Tool

WhatsApp Flows has become a must-have tool for any business that want to automate their work and improve the efficiency at various stages of business development such as Lead Generation, Booking Appointment, enhancing customer satisfaction, personalization in targeting and marketing, and much more.  



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