What's New In Odoo V14? Odoo V14 Updates, Features & Road Map

November 28, 2022 by

Odoo covers all of your business requirements which helps you to enhance the standard and therefore the efficiency of your business. there's the flexibility to customize as per the workflow of any business with highly useful data security measures.

With the discharge of Odoo Version 14 getting closer and closer, we thought now would be an excellent time to possess a fast check out the recently announced features, improvements, and changes that are coming with v14.

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The Odoo v14 is predicted to be released during the Odoo experience to be held in October 2020.

Odoo V14 New and Updated Features

As Odoo matures and therefore the functionality is enhanced, one among the goals is to make sure that it remains easy to use and navigate. Odoo 14 brings significant UI and UX changes to make sure that simple use isn't overrun by functionality as has occurred with a number of their competitors.

Here is a quick list of some changes coming in Odoo 14: 

    • New widgets allowing quick access to commonly used options

    • Shortcuts for email, SMS, and snooze in CRM module

    • Reworked daily task view within the CRM module

    • New yearly calendar view for a day off Module

    • New keyboard shortcuts for Timesheet module

    • Improved customization options for forms

    • Auto emailing of excellent receipt reminder to poor performing suppliers

    Data Cleaning Module

    Data Cleaning Module introduced in Odoo 14 and it'll be available for Enterprise Users. This module is useful for formatting text data across multiple records and finding duplicates records among it and merging the duplicate data. you'll define multiple rules for cleaning data.

    Owl JavaScript Framework

    Odoo brings the Owl JavaScript framework in Odoo 14 version which may be a web framework for structured, Dynamic and Maintainable applications.

    Key Features of Owl are

    • It is a Standalone framework

    • It is a declarative component system

    • Class-based

    • It is supported Qweb engine

    • 3 times faster than Odoo widgets

    • Similar to React/Vue

    • Templates compiled in the browser

    • No toolchain required

    New Website Snippets

    In Odoo 14, There some new awesome snippets,

    • Numbers

    • Masonry

    • Product List

    • Timeline

    • Steps

    • Progress bar

    • Chart

    • Pop-Up

    • Big Boxes

    • Countdown

    • Product Catalog

    Check Your Password Strength
    Odoo 14 is with Password Checker bar while new portal user check-in so as to make sure the security of his/her account.

    Updated Inventory & Manufacturing Modules

    Odoo 14 comes with reworked Inventory and Manufacturing modules that specialize in availability dates for products and supplies. In addition, there's a replacement replenishment report which shows, at a look, your stock levels and allows for one-time or recurring ordering of supplies. This occurs without the necessity to line minimum or maximum stock levels. Odoo will automatically determine what must be ordered to satisfy your requirements.

    New inventory forecast report:

    Replenishment report with actions:

    Ready access to stock availability:

    Reworked Website Builder

    Every version upgrade brings enhanced functionality to Odoo's website builder making it an increasing contender with industry heavyweights WordPress and SquareSpace.

    Odoo 14 brings to the table a fresh, redesigned website builder. The HTML editor was redesigned and there are some new and improved building blocks, allowing you to create beautiful and functional websites effortlessly.

    Some of these new website blocks include:

    • Dynamic Product Catalogues

    • Charts

    • Countdowns

    • PopUps

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