Techultra Solution Is Now An Odoo Gold Partner!

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TechUltra Solutions has expertise in Odoo Consulting, Development, Integration, Training, Migration, and Support services across the globe. As a Gold Partner, we have a thorough understanding of all types of requirements a company or corporation might have. With the help of our leading-edge technology and industry-standard services, we are able to assist any business in expanding its reach and multiplying its revenue by many folds.


Let’s start with the full form of Odoo, “On-demand Open Object” commonly known as Odoo. 
According to Odoo website, Odoo is a complete and powerful Suite of open-source business apps that helps any business succeed. It caters to the various needs of many companies such as e-Commerce development, CRM (Customer resource management), Accounting, Inventory management, POS (Point Of Sale), Project Management, and much more.

Odoo ERP System makes sure to provide its customers with the utmost satisfaction and the best customer experience. The Odoo partnership program ensures that the authorized partners have access to essential tools and information that are required to offer Odoo Development Services. Odoo has grown at a consistent rate over the years which has drastically increased the demand for Odoo implementations and Services.

Are you looking forward to hiring Odoo Partners/ developers in UK, US, Canada, Africa, or India? If yes, then you have landed in the right place TechUlta Solutions is a Gold Partner in Odoo Development and Implementation Services. As Gold Partnership is the highest degree of collaboration with Odoo it is one of the greatest achievements and accomplishments that a company can achieve. Gold Partnership has shown TechUltra Solution’s commitment and capability to develop and deliver the required solution using Odoo ERP and different modules.


Odoo Partners receives a lot of benefits such as Industry-wide knowledge and expertise with up-to-date technology. Odoo Partners are certified by Odoo and this makes the Partners involved in Odoo ERP development and implementation different and way superior to Freelancers and other regular agencies.


1. Ready

Odoo Ready is for partners who can offer Odoo Development at a foundational level as they have recently started to work in Odoo development.

2. Silver

Silver usually comes after Ready and before Gold in terms of implementation capabilities. They are usually working to catch up on the Gold Partnership.

3. Gold

Gold Partnership is usually the highest form of Odoo partnership in terms of implementation and trustworthiness as they are certified by Odoo. They are usually industry-leader in terms of development and implementation standards.



Partnering with a capable Odoo partner is important if one wishes to utilize Odoo ERP’s exclusive potential. They can assist you more due to their in-depth knowledge and expertise which is usually evaluated by Odoo themselves. TechUlta Solution is an Odoo Gold Partner in the UK, Lima, South Africa, and India. TechUltra Solutions has worked on more than 200 Projects, has a 92% success rate over 6 years, and has 60+ resources. 

By outsourcing your project to Techulta Solutions any client can be assured that they will be getting their business the best Odoo support possible. No matter the size and complexity involved we try our level best at Analyzing the requirements, identify the required workflows and 
Only customizing the essential modules while developing and implementing Odoo ERP. 

As a result, there are low to no hidden costs, and within tight budget constrain the project gets delivered on time.

We are also featured as Gold partners on the official Odoo website for maintaining and implementing the best standards in Odoo development and related services.

Odoo Starter Partner

Asia 2021


Hours Worked Within 5 Years


Go -Live Within 3-4 Months


Dedicated Team Members


Retention Rate


Certified Experts

Accounting Team

2 Dedicated Teams


Support Team


Office Locations


1. Integrated Database of Information:

Before the implementation of Odoo ERP companies used to store information/ data in different departments’ databases. After Odoo's implementation, all the departments store their data under a single database which is easily accessible and manageable. No approval is required for accessing the required information.

2. Increased Visibility:

With the help of Odoo’s inventory management module organizations are able to control and forecast inventory levels on a daily or monthly basis. Complete visibility allows for better workflow management and allows inter-department processes to be traced easily with minimum effort.

3. Enhances User Experience:

Odoo can be scaled easily as and when the organization's size increases or new departments are added Odoo can accustom itself according to specified requirements.

4. Enhanced Reporting and Planning:

After implementing Odoo ERP on an organizational level there is a unified reporting system for each and every process. This reporting style helps in comparing and analyzing functions across departments or divisions without any kind of bias.


TechUltra Solutions has been awarded the following awards and achievements:

  • ODOO Gold Partnership in 2021
  • ODOO Silver Partnership in 2021
  • ODOO V14 Functional Certification in 2021
  • ODOO V15 Functional Certification in 2021
  • ODOO V16 Functional Certification in 2022


TechUltra Solution can be a great option if anyone is looking forward to hiring an Odoo Development Company or Odoo Implementation-related services. TechUltra Solution also provides Consultation, Customization, Implementation, Integration, Training, Migration, and Support services. Get your custom ERP system, Mobile application, or Tailored system developed today. Contact us to get Free Odoo Consultation.

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