Odoo PrintNode Module: Automate the Priting process.

February 9, 2024 by

What is Odoo Print module, Why is there a need for Odoo Print module and what features to expect from Print module of Odoo developed by TechUltra Solutions will be discussed in this blog.

What is Odoo Print module?

PrintNode integration with Odoo is a type of Odoo integration that allows Odoo users to connect PrintNode with Odoo ERP. PrintNode’s cloud printing services enable users of Odoo ERP to manage and control printers remotely over the internet. 

With the help of Odoo Print Module users can send essnetial documents such as Sales order, purchase order, invoice biils, bills to printer for printing directly with the help of Odoo PrintNode module. 

Why is there a need for Odoo Print Module?

There are multiple reasons as to why one should use the Odoo Direct Print/ Odoo Print Node Module, here are some of the possible thing that can be done using the Print Module of Odoo ERP.

1. Centralization of Print Management: 

The Odoo Print Node Module integration allows the centralization of print management which enables users to control and manage the task of printing efficiently. This helps in saving a lot of time and cost involved in the printing process.

2. User Based Printing Configuration:  

Users can set individual print preferences, such as default printers, paper sizes, color preferences, and print actions, streamlining the printing process based on user requirements. 

For example, Setting of printing configurations such as default printers, specific printing size, color preferences, and print actions. 

This NodePrint module allows streamlining of printing process based on specific user requirements. 

3. PrintNode Remote Printing: 

Odoo ERP users can easily send documents for printing from anywhere, any type of device and retrieve the output that is printing of input from a designated printer. 

This enhances remote working capabilities and help to mitigate any kind of time wastage in connecting to printer every time you want to print something.

4. Document Preview and Verification:

The PrintNode module developed by TechuUltra Solutions allows users to preview their printing layout and how the actual print would look like.

Document preview and verification allows to avoid any errors and ensures accuracy before the actual printing can take place.

5. Tracking and Reporting:

With this PrintNode Odoo module, users can monitor and keep track of printing activities and analyze the printing patterns to make the best use of resources possible and plan for the upcoming printing demands for better management and optimization of the printing process.

6. Enhanced Security:

With the help of the Odoo PrintNode module security measures can be taken care of as they ensure that sensitive documents can be accessed and printed by an authorized person of a particular department or designated person who can be a decision-maker.

7. Error Handling:

PrintNode module helps in solving wrong errors due to incorrect configurations.

8. Automation:

Odoo Print Node module automatically fetches all the available systems and printers that are connected to a certain network. This makes printing very easy and after a certain configuration, the process can be automated as well.

9. Manage PrintNode:

We have developed a dedicated PrintNode application which makes the work of Print management very easy one can easily manage configurations, users, printed documents and system settings.

10.  Color Indication:

In the NodePrint Module, it becomes easy to find out which printer is connected and which is not active. The printer that is active/ connected would arrear in Green colored ribbon and the Disconnected printer would appear in red.

11. Printer Configuration:

This direct print module is not only about automation, one can also manually add another printer if necessary and a color printer or default printer for any user, system or particular type of report.

12. Restriction:

With the help of PrintNode module users can directly print invoices or reports to a physical printer. Other restricted users would be able generate soft copies of the print version.

13. Odoo Direct Print:

Now one can easily execute the task of printing with any network with the help of PrintNode Odoo integration module direct printing becomes very easy and fast.

Features of Odoo Print Module

1. Odoo Community and Enterprise

Works with both Community and Enterprise editions.

2. Print any Odoo report instantly

The app prints different document types (ZPL, PDF) on different printers without downloading files.

3. Automatic print scenarios

Use built in scenarios or create your own. E.g. printing of Shipping Labels after Delivery Order validation.

4. Print from barcode scanners

Fully integrated with the Ventor mobile app and compatible with Odoo Barcode.

5. Smart validation

Prohibits printing documents on unsupported printers, for example, A4 on A6 printers or PDF on ZPL printers 

6. Variety of supported printers

Support of USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth printers; any format and manufacturer.

7. Weighing parcels

You can weigh your shipping on connected scales to get correct cost from carrier.

8. Manage user roles

Manage access rights and configure each printer individually per user or workstation. 

Here is the process of configuration for using Odoo Print Module:

1. Working Flow Configuration - Create Printnode account

To Integrate printnode with odoo, our first major task is to create a printnode account, click here to redirect on print node account creation page.

After creating, simply login to printnode.

2. Download App

You need to download the Printnode app for your system so that it can fetch all printers of your system, you can download it for Windows or ubuntu.

Login your printnode account and click on downloads. Here you will see printnode for different operating systems.

3. Local PrintNode

After Download printnode, install it. After installing this app you can Open http://localhost:8888/ in the browser and login printnode in the local.

4. Connect System & printer

After logging into your local PrintNode account, it will connect with the web system. All printers available in your system (laptop/desktop) will be visible in the web PrintNode account. To view these printers, open your web PrintNode account and navigate to the device section, where you will see the system along with all connected printers available in the local system.

When you log out of PrintNode from the local system, the connected system will disconnect from the web PrintNode account.

When we connect odoo with printnode all connected systems and printers will visible in odoo printnode app( Inside system and printer tab).

5. Install PrintNode Integration app

Install Printnode app from apps.

6. User Rights

user Rights - manager/ user

The admin can give user rights as manager/user to the user regarding printnode app. The manager can see, configure, update the app but the user has limited rights.

7. Print node app