New Features of Odoo 14 Sales

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Odoo14 Sales:

The Odoo Sales Management module is one of the key applications that odoo provides. With the Sales management in Odoo, you can easily manage and customize the entire Sales department i.e. sale process (from quotation to sales order) and deliver and invoice of what has been sold. Odoo introduces fresh features every year considering the demands and issues faced by clients. Odoo Sales have tremendous helpful features to help your organization run smoothly in just a single screen!

Odoo Sales features includes below: 

  • Sending quotation

  • Invoicing modifications

  • Product and price Management

  • To choose quotation templates

  • To use Signature for confirmation of order

  • Get payments of the confirmed orders

  • To add terms and conditions dialog box below

  • Invoice management based on orders and delivered quantities

  • Tax management

  • To use Signature for confirmation of order

  • Down payment request management

  • Get payments for confirming order

  • We can use this modules to choose quotation template

  • Quotations deadline management

  • Ebay connector integration

  • Amazon connector integration

  • Fiscal position management

The spotlight in this blog would be key features of odoo 14 Sales Module.

Next Activity Feature to schedule upcoming Activities:This is the upgraded features in version 14.The added version ‘New Activity’ has types like make a call, call follow up, order upsell or communicate with the buyer or any operation planned for the future can be included in the list.

Once we enter the dashboard, we can find a tree view, where there are numbers, creation dates, customers, salesperson, next activity, company, total, taxes, status and invoice status.

Fig1 Next Activity DashboardHere, Next Activity is the column that can be used to schedule the upcoming activities. A salesperson or sales manager can schedule the activity.

This can be achieved by following few steps: To make use of this feature, just click on theNext Activity Column against your quotation. Creating the next activity is an option available here, click there and there you go.

Fig2 To schedule an Activity

Enter the details and your next activity is ready.

Fig2 To schedule an Activity

As discussed above, activity types are mentioned and you can select any one of them.

Communication with salesperson via Chatbox:
 This feature is being added to ensure the frequent communication between salesperson and manager for solving queries and improving the business. As seen in Fig1 and Fig2, we can see that the salesperson in all records is Mitchell Admin. So, to chat with him, click on the image of Mitchell Admin and the chat box will appear in which you are able to chat with the salesperson.

Fig3 To create the New Activity

Graphical Representation of Forecast Report
To understand this feature, first go to the dashboard and select the sale order.


Fig4 Sales Order View

Afterwards, create the sale order and fill the customer details along with the invoice address and delivery address.Provide all the details for and the quotation template also has to be selected before making on to Add product under the order lines.

Fig5 To create a new Sale order.

Once the product is selected the price of the product will automatically appear in the prices.After the confirming the order we can see the forecasted report of the sale order.The forecasted report appears under Delivered.

Fig6 Dialog box for the forecast Report. Once the product is selected the price of the product will automatically appear in the prices.After the confirming the order we can see the forecasted report of the sale order.The forecasted report appears under Delivered.

Fig7 Graphical Representation

Details regarding Replenish button:This will enable us to carry out the replenishment activity, to make use of replenish activity.Click the Replenish button and you will get a new window that will help you to manage replenishment-related activities.  

Fig8 Replenish Activity.

This way the forecasted report helps the user to manage the sale activities and also helps to manage the inventory. This is a new feature added to theOdoo Sales module that will help the business to replenish the inventory every time the sale order is created. This will also help to manage the different operations with ease.

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