How To Choose The Best Odoo Implementation Partner For Odoo ERP Development/ Solution.

(Odoo Implementation checklist)
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Choosing an ERP system built on Odoo can be a foundation step toward achieving staggering business growth and keeping up with the changing industry demands/ changes. To implement the Odoo openERP system, it is recommended to hire/ choose the right partner to execute the implementation process in the best manner possible. 

ERP system brings in a lot of advantages such as providing in-depth information about operations and being able to access real-time data tracking and reporting for making an optimum choice among the various possible choices.


  • Bird-Eye view of Business Processes.
  • Harmonized Functioning and Effective Results.
  • Real-time Stock/Inventory tracking
  • Enhanced Security protection. 
  • Scalability.
  • Boost Customer Services. 
  • Faster Response Time.
  • Enhanced Reporting.

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Custom ERP Development


Choosing the right partner is a critical decision for any business. Odoo ERP offers a number of benefits such as greater Team Collaboration, precisely defining project outline and requirements, providing recommended solutions, and building the most suitable Odoo ERP according to the business needs.

At TechUltra Solutions we try to deliver solutions that meet the client’s expectations. We build a robust and scalable ERP system that can be customized according to business needs.

The cost of development usually varies on the size and scope of the project. Odoo ERP implementation projects can involve complex processes and at times can be costly as well. ERP also helps to solve the bottlenecks in business processes effectively.

Odoo 17  Enterprise Edition.

Odoo 17 Scalable Development.

Odoo 17 Custom development.

Data-driven decision-making.


Right ERP Implementation partner would be able to deliver an end-to-end customized and tailored Odoo ERP Solution along with this guide and provide the required training and support after deployment.


  1. Expertise.
  2. Credibility.
  3. Team Capacity.
  4. Project Management.
  5. Communication.
  6. Flexibility.
  7. Planning.
  8. Support Services.
  9. Certification.
  10. Gold Partner Certification.

1. Expertise:

Expertise is an important factor to consider for choosing an Odoo implementation partner, to be specific the partner should have at least 5+ Years of experience in the industry. They should also have a Solution-oriented mindset together with two-way communication. 

Some of the essential Qualities of Odoo Partner

  • Develops Highly Tailored-made solutions.
  • Expertise Knowledge in Code customization.
  • Delivering projects on time.
  • Project was developed within budget constraints.
  • Follows Industry standards and Best Practices. 

2. Credibility:

Credibility is another important factor for choosing an Odoo Implementation Partner, it is something that can be verified by reading the reviews and references of a Partner. 

Things to look for in Odoo Partner

  1. Relevant Experience in Odoo development and Implementation. 
  2. Odoo Achievements and certificates (Version -16,15,14 and Gold, Silver Partner)
  3. Professional skills in ERP implementation

3. Team Capacity:

Each Odoo Development and Implementation project varies according to the magnitude, kind of development, and placement of companies. 

For large development projects, it is adequate that Odoo Partner must have the development capacity adequate for the development project.

Some Qualities to look for in your Odoo Implementation Partner:

  • Provides end-to-end ERP services. 
  • Infrastructure Consulting.
  • Support and training.
  • Business Process redesign.

4. Project Management:

Management of a project is very important for any client. Two-way communication between the client and partner is one of the most important factors to be considered when choosing an Odoo Partner. 

Look for these factors while choosing Odoo Partners

  • Partners are Qualified enough for the type of development project.
  • Check the milestones that are achieved.
  • Deadlines are met on time. 
  • No need for rework to be done.

5. Communication:

ERP implementation is a time-consuming process that often requires technical and business-related problems to be solved. For the project to complete effectively and smoothly it is essential that there is proper communication and effective conveying of ideas.

6. Flexibility:

As the development project proceeds, there are constant changes that are required to be made. In ERP implementation, ideas come first then customization requirements are followed. This means the chosen Odoo Implementation partner must offer flexibility in addition to customization and changes during the implementation. 

Only experts in Odoo development are able to handle such changes during the implementation stage.

7. Planning:

Before searching for an Odoo Implementation Partner one needs to observe the basic workflows and requirements necessary for your organization. Companies need to find issues and pain points which are critical for the business and accordingly map out processes moving into a new ERP development.

8. Support Services:

After the Implementation Phrase, there must also be after-sales services which are support services. Support services include Maintaining, updating, and correcting any bugs that may arise.

9. Certificates:

This may sound pretty simple to some and sometimes gets overlooked by many. One must make sure that their partner is an Odoo Gold Partner to make sure that they can get the best implementation services.

10. Gold Partner Certification:

Before selecting an Odoo Partner, try to select the one with the highest level of partnership with Odoo, which is usually GOLD. It starts with Ready which is the lowest, then moves to Silver, and then comes Gold which is the highest among all the partnership levels.

Odoo Partnership Level

Look at the levels of partnership that Odoo offers to various enterprises.

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Getting an ERP developed or implemented is not an easy decision and getting a rough idea about how the process of development would take place or where to get started is a bigger problem that might arise getting a Free Odoo Consultation can be a great way of understanding the technicalities involved and helps to get a better understanding of how an ERP project can be executed and developed with the specified budget constraints.


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