How SEO Improves your Odoo Website Ranking

November 29, 2022 by

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how easy it's to feature keywords and phrases to Odoo and optimize SEO. Program Optimization is extremely important because it will bring more visitors to your website which will convert into customers. Remember that even the simplest keywords are worthless if you do not have valuable content on your website. I mean that it's not necessary to feature all possible combinations of words - specialize in your visitor needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be a set of excellent practices to optimize your website in order that you get a far better ranking in search engines like Google. In short, good SEO allows you to urge more visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be a huge topic that would fill a whole book all on its own. one of the main aspects of excellent SEO is that it knows what keywords are hottest for the page you would like to market. Odoo provides a handy little tool that ensures that as you specify keywords, Odoo will allow you to know the associated keywords that also are fashionable Google.

But first, let see how you'll easily boost your ranking by finetuning the content and therefore the meta tags of your website.

Now set Proper Meta title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords

Once a page contains the proper URL you would like to line Meta title, Description and Keywords on your all product and category pages.

AlmightyCS provides a superb SEO tool out of the box but it doesn't allow bulk updates.

If you've got to line this Meta information on 20K+ products then it is often a longer consuming process in AlmightyCS. So here we've given eas thanks to updating related information on all products in a single click.

Just select your object and set a parameter on view and apply. you've got done your job in minutes rather than days.

If we understand we will not set the same meta keywords on all products but some keywords can be the same on some related products or products in the same category.

So here we've provided thanks to set SEO keywords in bulk by selecting multiple products or by selecting multiple categories.

When it involves SEO, content is typically king. Odoo provides several modules to assist you to build your website content:

  • Odoo Blogs: write great content.

  • Odoo Slides: publish all of your Powerpoint or PDF presentations. Their content is automatically indexed on the online page.

  • Odoo Forum: let your community create content for you. 

  • Odoo list Archive: publish list archives on your website.

You do not need any technical knowledge to use this functionality. But if you would like to use all functionality follow the below steps.

  1. Create SEO attributes in Website SEO with proper sequence.

  2. Now select attributes and separators in SEO setup form view and apply.

  3. You'll set a category image and outline on your shop category page to increase your SEO level. Show category detail and image on site. (Activate from feature)

  4. You'll let loose flow keywords on multiple products. by category or in multiple categories from wizard to hurry up your work.

  5. All Customized URLs are going to be added to the sitemap.xml of the site.

  6. Special group to manage SEO.

Hope you find this blog informative! If you still have any issues/queries then can contact our Odoo Consulting team.

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