Everything One Needs To Know About Using Odoo RunBot (2023)

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What is Odoo Runbot?

Odoo Runbot refers to a server which acts as a host for different Odoo ERP versions and branches installed. It is an online portal which is used for testing features of Odoo ERP.

Usually, all the latest versions of Odoo like production and testing are easily available on Odoo RunBot. Testing process of various versions and branches such as Odoo 11,12,13,14,15,16 and SaaS.

For example, if there is any problem that an engineer/ developer is facing he/she can sort it out in Odooo RunBot.

There are 2 possible situations:

If the specific issue is existing in the RunBot environment then it is a bug.

If not, it can be a configuration issue in the local Odoo version.

Usually, Odoo RunBot is Odoo Partnered to test the GitHub branches that are pushed.

What is the function of RunBot?

Odoo Runbot is a server which provides Odoo runbot installation. RunBot is introduced as per different Odoo versions and ventures.

How to access Odoo RunBot?

Anyone can easily access RunBot by visiting to this web address runbot.odoo.com .The RunBot server is known for being future-oriented.

Here is how Odoo RunBot looks like when the page gets loaded.

Odoo RunBot is also used for running Odoo and testing the entities of Odoo for demo purposes. In today’s time, anyone can use the Odoo branches along with the improvements that are made by the testing branch.

When the RunBot’s website/ landing page gets loaded completely there are two possible situations either you click on a build with a Green hash (#)/ link (🔗) or a Red hahs (#)/ link (🔗). The colors are used to represent whether a particular “build” is active (green) or not active (red). 

 In order to open a particular version of Odoo, one has to click on the blue clock square button at the end of an Odoo branch.

There are generally two types of Odoo versions that can be chosen, the community version or the enterprise version.

As seen in the image “Odoo” represents the “Community version” and “Enterprise” represents the Enterprise version. 

There are mainly 2 databases in Odoo RunBot. The 1st one is “All” and the 2nd one is “Base”.

In “all” database every module would be installed and contain demo data for better representation. The “base” database would not have any modules installed in it.

How to check the latest features in a RunBot?

As Odoo RunBot is a multi user environment, many users are using it together in real-time. The image displayed below has detailed build errors. Non-active branches would be shown if one would click on the gear symbol. 

Log File: We are able to see a simple log file and it contains the reasons of failure and errors in the build. 

How to login into Odoo Community/ Enterprise edition?

Here is how to log into the community/enterprise edition:
Step 1. Click on the “blue button” in the row of an active build. 

Step 2. The next step is to click “Sign in”

Step 3. Enter Email and Password.

There are two possible credentials to login to DB, clients can pick both:

User admin:

Email: admin
Password: admin

User Demo: 

Email: demo
Password: demo

Here is the view that any user would be able to view after entering email & password and then clicking on Login.

Main features in Odoo RunBot:

Here we can add some important key features of Odoo RunBot   

  1. Blue Button

  2. Green Button

  3. Key logs

  4. Detailed logs

  • Blue button:
    The “blue button” is used to access the RunBot database’s “All” database.
  • Green button:
    To access the “base” database click on the “Green Button”. It is also used to show logs, warnings and errors displayed on the build page.
  • Detailed logs:
  1. Full Base Logs: It displays complete logs of the whole Odoo installation process in the “base” database.
  2. Full All Logs: It displays whole logs for all existing installation processes in the “whole” database.
  3. Full Run Logs: They are used because one can inspect it essentially both for databases that continue after they've been run.


Odoo RunBot is definitely one of the most used platform for testing Odoo features. It is quite easy for anyone to access and find out more information. Through this blog we have tried to offer a deeper insight into the working of Odoo RunBot. We hope that this blog will be able to clear any doubts regarding Odoo Runbot and its useful features.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions on Odoo RunBot

The term Odoo Runbot refers to branches or editions installed by hosts or Odoo ERP. It is one of the updated servers running Odoo for testing and demonstration. It is one of the biggest, free to use and access Odoo feature provider.

Odoo community is a platform where an Odoo enterprise version can be built. Here, people are able to change the versions according to their preferences and convenience. It also comes with a desktop and web based user interface. With the help CRM, Sales and POS (Point Of Sale) one can easily boost their sales.

Yes, one can easily get a free Odoo trail by contacting TechUltra Solutions or on your own. Odoo offers a range of applications such as Accounting, e-Commerce, Marketing Tools, CRM, ERP, and a lot others.

Yes, all of the Odoo apps are free and on Odoo online, as long as one uses only 1 app.

  • Visit https://runbot.odoo.com/ through any browser.
  • Find the relevant and required Odoo Version.
  • Click on the Odoo community or enterprise version which is required.
  • Click login by entering the type of login required.

Bug/features can be reported/ requested/ asked by going to rd-runbot discord text channel.

Main improvements/ change list are:

  • All repo on one page.
  • Notion of odoo task introduced with the bundle: A group of branch/pr.
  • Better duplicate detection.
  • Better branch/pr matching
  • Better cross-repo branch matching display.
  • No more limitation to one build per repo: upgrade+odoo tests are not hidden in odoo build anymore.
  • "Smart" commit filling (no need to push an empty community/upgrade branch to freeze a commit)
  • Build enterprise without enterprise branch (on a batch page, the little play icon)

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