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Businesses face dense competition within the market to overpower their competitors. to remain ahead, it's necessary for a corporation to grasp every action of business successfully and efficiently. The arrival of ERP software has simplified the management of companies. it's reduced the redundancies in data management by automating manual entries. Stakeholders and employees got longer to specialize in other business operations. But, ERP has its limitations while incorporating different activities of companies.

An enterprise has several departments like Human Resource Department (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse, Inventory, Finance, and Accounting. But, for communication in every department, different software was implemented to perform an outlined set of activities. the disadvantage was that there was no communication between the various departments leading to loss of knowledge and resources.

ERP has now become a highly dependable and satisfactory model for all business applications. It helps in such how that the business can complete the tasks effectively and may attain growth and productivity. Nowadays open source ERP implementation is in high demand. When the ERP implementation is employed right, the organization can save both money and time. Since Odoo is an open ERP, the implementation time and price are often reduced. the opposite advantage of Odoo ERP Implementation is that the operating expense is often reduced and Return On Investment is often increased. 

Let’s explore Odoo, an open-source ERP platform that connects all business functions to enable data-driven decisions. 

Business processes

List out all of your business processes, like sales, purchase, manufacturing, Human resource management, and other. While selecting the proper ERP system, undergo your checklist, and if you've got any out of the box process flow, then obviously you'll not find that within the new system, therein case, undergo the discussion phase with the service provider company, and define approx timeline to urge those things done.

Accounting configuration and its opening entries 

In this digital world, as all accounting being managed in computer systems, while migrating from old software to a replacement one, the corporate must make sure that your current setup of accounting hierarchy shouldn't get altered. Next comes the opening entries. Of course, you'll not decide to transfer all of your current accounting transactions to a replacement one, you would like to form sure that you simply have all closing balances of all accounts before moving to the new system, and within the next step, set all opening if all required accounts. By doing this, it'll save your lot and much of some time within the future, and once you got to get any accounting reports, you'll have the proper data ( which is most vital !)

Product configuration 

You need to list out all of your products/services which you're selling. There might be many attributes of your product, like category, unit of measures(UoM), EAN13, sale/purchase price, supply method, valuation method, etc., which you would like to form sure are configured rightly into the new system. you would like to form sure that if and where you'll configure those, yes, this might be a touch hard, as you'll be considerably conversant in your current system than to the new one. subsequent thing are going to be to manage the initial inventory of these products.

Stock opening and valuation 

In an ERP implementation, Believe it or not, this will be a defining part while shifting from your old system to a replacement system. If you get this right, then you won the half battle! (well, do not be happy, still half to be won !). 

Anyway, as you'll have located your products into different locations, then first of all configure those locations, and supply your opening inventory and right valuation in those locations.

An efficient thanks to train new employee

We can say that this will be one of the toughest parts because here you're interacting with those guys, who are wont to work effectively together with your old system. And suddenly they need to start out from scratch, which too with a replacement environment!!. Certainly, it'll not be easy for them to simply accept new things. So you would like to either encourage them (or if required, force them) to simply accept new things because their support is extremely much required. 

Proper management of the safety hierarchy 

A company with an outsized number of system user are concern with security issues. Limited access should tend to a specific group of employees. for every process in ERP, you'll define a special hierarchy of security levels, and supported that, allocated those to users. this may restrict users to maneuver around into unnecessary parts of the system, and it'll reduce the prospect for love or money that goes wrong, also as critical data been leaked.

Attracting New Leads

Odoo is an open-source ERP platform that permits businesses to make their own website from scratch. The Odoo website builder has numerous options just like the change of color, picture, and font. The marketing features of Odoo just like the drag-and-drop feature and call to action button enable businesses to reinforce their position on Google. When a client fills and submits a form on the web site, the small print and knowledge are directly stored within the Odoo sales app. It enables the sales teams to directly follow-up with potential clients. 

Project Management

Odoo’s project management module enables businesses to handle all their projects in a simple and efficient manner. With this module, it's easy to trace the status of each project in an organized way. The tasks for the completion of the project are divided into sub-tasks then assigned to different employees. Additionally, businesses can use the Odoo calendar which keeps them on target to satisfy deadlines.

Automates Tasks

Error-prone manual data entry tasks and processes are often avoided with Odoo’s automation features. Odoo ERP automates tasks (generates sales orders and invoices) to scale back errors. Team members from every business function get longer to specialize in critical tasks.

That was all the points which I faced during our ERP Implementation experience with various Odoo projects at Emipro. If you've got anything apart from the above points, don't hesitate to share it with us. we'll await your valuable suggestions. 

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