11 New Features of Odoo 17 Appointment module.

(New Odoo 17 Appointment Features)
December 6, 2023 by

In this blog, we are going to discuss all the new features of the Odoo 17 Appointment module. After reading this blog on new features of Odoo 17 visitors can easily update themselves on Odoo 17 and the appointment module of Odoo 17.

Here is the list of new features in the Odoo 17 Appointment module

Book a resource

Manage bookings for resources (tennis courts, restaurant tables, etc.).

Confirmation and cancellation templates

Send specific templates when a booking is confirmed or canceled.

Customer reminders turned off

Operators won't be notified by customer appointment reminders.

Event link option 

Use your Google account to send Meet invites to attendees. 

Exploration with Gantt view 

Manage your bookings from a Gantt view. Add closing days to block reservations. 

Invite colleagues to meetings 

Allow attendees to invite guests on their bookings. 

Link meetings to applicants/


  Meeting invites sent from Leads and Applicants now create meetings linked to those documents.

Meetings linked to applicants/


  Meeting links sent using an existing appointment type are now linked to the applicant or lead.

  Multi-website support

  Publish appointment types on specific websites.

  Non-permanent meeting management

  Specify specific start and end dates for appointment types.

  Pay to book

  Require a payment before a booking is confirmed.  


To conclude the appointment module of Odoo 17 has a lot of new features which are best-in-class features that an Appointment unit of an ERP should have.