UPS Odoo Shipping Connector Integration

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UPS Odoo Shipping Connector Integration

What Is UPS?

United Parcel Service (UPS, stylized as ups) is an American multinational  and  company founded in 1907.Originally known as the American Messenger Company specializing in telegraphs, UPS has grown to become a Fortune 500 company and one of the world's largest shipping couriers. UPS today is primarily known for its ground shipping services as well as the UPS Store, a retail chain which both assists UPS shipments as well as provides tools for small businesses. In addition, UPS offers air shipping on an overnight or 2-day basis and delivers to PO Boxes through UPS SurePost, a subsidiary that passes on packages to the United States Postal Service for last mile delivery.

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UPS Odoo Shipping Module:-

UPS offers time-definite delivery of packages and documents worldwide along with shipping and tracking solutions that fits the needs of every business. If you use Odoo as your ERP system to manage Order Fulfilment & Shipping operations and using UPS as your Shipping provider, our Odoo UPS Shipping Integration will help you connect UPS with Odoo. Set UPS delivery methods while creating Sales Order or display them on Odoo Website, automatically submit order information from Odoo to UPS and get Shipping label, Order Tracking number and Shipping Cost from UPS to Odoo.UPS International Shipping Invoice Generate.Shipping Return Label Generate.Bill Of MY Account Facility Features.Also Can Cancel Shipment.

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UPS Shipping Features:-

Integrate UPS with Odoo

  UPS Shipping Connector can be integration with UPS Shipping API.Than Can be used to a diffrent types of ups facillity can be added in our module.

Switch between test and production environment in UPS delivery method

  User can Be a Used to this in Testing Environment & Production Environment.

  Testing Environment ups provide testing url user can be a test a data in this url.that can be used only testing purpouse

  Production Environment ups Provide for Production purpouse.

Verify the customer address before sending the request using "Check Recipient Address" functionality

  UPS Provide a Recipient Address Check Facility That can be check validate your address.user easy way to check the address status that can be provide to that address ups shipment delivery.

Set UPS Delivery Method in Sales Order in Odoo Backend

  We Can Manage This UPS Delivery Method in Sale Order Module in odoo Backend.

  And check the delivery status in this sale order module.

Let website users choose UPS delivery method while checkout on Odoo Website

  User when cart a product and user can choose a delivery method while that can be a process to checkout in a odoo website.

  Show a rate in that delivery method in that website.

COD Delivery Facility

  UPS Shipping Provide a Cash On Delivery Shipping Facility.user can be a  select cod that can be provide that facility.COD Provide in Some specific origins.

Saturday Delivery Facility Provide

  UPS Shipping Can be a provide a satudray delivery Facility Some product can be delivered on saturday that time can be a used saturday delivery facility.

Give Bill My Account Facility

  UPS Shipping Give a Bill of Account Facility.That can be a used when bill receiver used a that ups account number that can be added.

  Bill my account user can be used when that checkout and show a bill my account option in odoo website that can be a entered receiver number in this field.

Get Negotiation Rate.

  UPS Provide Negotiation Rate To On That Account Number. That can be a check that account negotiation so that be a show a negotiation rate.

Submit order information and confirm the order in UPS by validating delivery order

  When Submit Order information after confirm that order than can be a check & validate a order in odoo inventory module and can be a validate and confirm that delivery.

Get Label Generate

  After confirm the delivery ups provide a label.that can be a label generate package wise.when mutiple packages that can be a generate multiple label generate.

Get Return Label Generate

  When Picking Type incoming that time UPS Provide a return label can be a generate.can be a used return shipment.

Get International Shipment Custom Invoice

  When Shipment Was International UPS Provide International Custom Invoice Generate For international Shipment.

Get Return Partial Invoice Generate

  When Shipment Was and international and return shipment that time ups provide a Return Partial Invoice can be Generate

Fetch shipping cost from UPS and display it in Sale Order

  Show a shipping Cost in Sale Order.That Can be Fetch In UPS Site.When You can be ADD & Update Shipping Show & Fatch Shipping Cost from Site.

Fetch Order Tracking number from UPS to Odoo

  After Successfully Confirm a delivery UPS Can be a proide a Tracking Number User can be a track that courier that can be show status of that couriers.

  UPS Provide When Multiple Package That can be a provide a multiple tracking number.

Cancel the shipment order in UPS

  When cancel the shipment ups provide a cancel delivery order.So you can cancel a delivery order.

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